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John Edwards’ Warped Mind

Posted by Ryan on May 23, 2007

John Edwards is an ass.  Or is he an ostrich?  As a Democrat, he’s naturally prone to believe that the “War on Terror” is a bumper-sticker slogan and not a strategy.  Only She Who Must Not Be Named had possibly sounded more ridiculous–of course after the shock of finding out about Bill’s trysts… in 1998!  What’s amazing is that while all (I guess now, “most”) of the Democrat frontrunners believe that there is War on Terror, many Democrats running for President aren’t sure.  Rudy responded to Edward’s ridiculous statement by simply stating that whether or not the Dems believe there’s a war on terror or not, the enemy seems to think so and is actually fighting it against us.  The ol’ 2004 Ostrich Brigade is back!

What kind of party doesn’t seem to think we’re at war with a clandestine group of international terrorists bent on our demise?  The same party whose philosophy all but ignored terrorism for eight years under Bill Clinton!  Terrorism was just a crime to them with high-profile individuals to hunt down, not large, transnational groups to break up and destroy.  What I hear from Democrats like Edwards is the same ol’ 1990s dribble: a hidebound look at a world where we felt innocent and ignored the obvious signs in retrospect, all the while danger was lurking.  We can’t afford Edward’s thinking at the top eschelons of government.

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