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Al Qaeda’s Old-Fashioned Torture

Posted by Mike on May 24, 2007

Rewriting language is a cherished tradition in liberal circles. They use the tactic before elections to hide what they really believe from the American people. They use it to misrepresent their opponents’ policies to serve red meat to the freaks in their base. The tactic is so widely used that even the MSM takes part. One of the most infuriating examples of liberal newspeak is their characterization of conservative support of aggressive interrogation techniques as support of torture.

Most people once had a pretty clear idea of what constituted torture. However, this all changed once America went to war with a Republican in the White House. The need for political points required the left to carelessly throw around the term. By doing so, they effectively began to change the definition. With all due to respect to our liberal friends, I disagree with their definition. This is torture. Not putting underwear on someone’s head. Not sleep deprivation. Not humiliation.  Not discomfort.  This.

That’s not to say the U.S. should torture. The aggressiveness of interrogation techniques should increase or decrease in proportion to the imminence and severity of potential threats. Hypothetically speaking, waterboarding should not to be used to find out which detainee was snoring too loudly. On the other hand, our forces shouldn’t be too concerned with denying terrorists their full eight hours of sleep if there’s reason to believe we could obtain information about an impending terrorist attack. The acts at Abu Gharib were disturbing and uncalled for. They were not torture though. Overusing language does a disservice to the innocent people Al Qaeda wants to torture. And by torture, I mean torture.

It would be nice if the MSM would give Al Qaeda torture the same coverage it gave non-torture at Abu Gharib. Don’t hold your breath though. For an interesting read on what is torture and what is not, check out this excellent National Review editorial from 2005.

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Bush Came Back… for a few minutes

Posted by Ryan on May 24, 2007

So, President Bush emerged from his underground bunker today and gave a press conference which included an Iraq policy statement and for a few minutes turned into 1st term strong, confident, openly proud to support George W. Bush.  I miss that Bush.  He quickly turned back into ol’ Dubya and dribbled on about the new amnesty bill, though. 

But his statement that we’ll leave Iraq if they ask us to was great!  That could be seen as a measure of victory, actually.  We installed the conditions for the formation of a government and that government, if they choose, could ask us to leave.  I’d say that’s a huge success if they Iraqi parliament actually goes through with it!  I don’t think they will for reasons I spelled out in a previous post.  Yet, all of this buildup to conditions by the summer either making or breaking our war effort seems to scream to Iran and Syria to covertly mess things up right before Petraeus’ report in September– a kind of totally obvious, manufactured media-friendly Tet Offensive.

AP photo.

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Mrs. Gutfeld Strikes Again

Posted by Mike on May 24, 2007

This clip from Red Eye is hilarious. A few episodes ago, Mrs. Gutfeld reacted to Jimmy Carter’s latest temper tantrum regarding President Bush and Tony Blair. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This woman is television gold!

Red Eye Recap video

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No Amnesty for McCain

Posted by Mike on May 24, 2007

I withheld posting my thoughts on the latest version of McCain-Kennedy because I didn’t know what was in it. Part of reason for that was the fact the people pushing the bill weren’t publicizing it.  What I have heard since then has led me to conclude that this bill is a sham that shouldn’t see the light of day.

The major problem with this bill is enforcement. Amnesty opponents have consistently held to the view that there should be no immigration deal until the borders are secured. Supporters of “comprehensive immigration reform” have long claimed to share this view. They appeared to be vindicated when President Bush signed legislation last October creating an 854 mile double fence along the southern border.  At that point, they finally seemed to have some credibility on enforcement. This credibility was short-lived however.

Since the Democrats won the last election, President Bush has shown that he does not really believe in enforcing the border. First he dragged his feet on enforcement by constructing less than one percent of the fence. Then he backtracked on enforcement by submitting a budget which funded only half of the 854 mile fence. Now, McCain-Kennedy codifies the President’s backtracking by requiring only half of the previously approved fence to be built as a condition for the temporary worker program. To paraphrase Duncan Hunter (THIS IS AN AUDIO LINK), the bill cuts his fence in half and counts that as border enforcement. Moreover, the bill leaves many smuggling lanes along the Arizona border unfenced. McCain-Kennedy will not enforce the border.

Lack of enforcement alone is good reason to kill the legislation.  The tax amnesty citizens will never have and the “non-amnesty” that other lawbreakers will never receive on top of that doesn’t help either.

It’s bad enough when Republican leaders conspire with Ted Kennedy to shove amnesty down our throats. It’s quite another when they apply a new tone when speaking to liberals but not when speaking of their own supporters. John McCain has once again betrayed the party he thinks is going to vote for him. Come primary day, I won’t be voting to give him amnesty for this stunt.

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