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Bush Came Back… for a few minutes

Posted by Ryan on May 24, 2007

So, President Bush emerged from his underground bunker today and gave a press conference which included an Iraq policy statement and for a few minutes turned into 1st term strong, confident, openly proud to support George W. Bush.  I miss that Bush.  He quickly turned back into ol’ Dubya and dribbled on about the new amnesty bill, though. 

But his statement that we’ll leave Iraq if they ask us to was great!  That could be seen as a measure of victory, actually.  We installed the conditions for the formation of a government and that government, if they choose, could ask us to leave.  I’d say that’s a huge success if they Iraqi parliament actually goes through with it!  I don’t think they will for reasons I spelled out in a previous post.  Yet, all of this buildup to conditions by the summer either making or breaking our war effort seems to scream to Iran and Syria to covertly mess things up right before Petraeus’ report in September– a kind of totally obvious, manufactured media-friendly Tet Offensive.

AP photo.


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