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Mrs. Gutfeld Strikes Again

Posted by Mike on May 24, 2007

This clip from Red Eye is hilarious. A few episodes ago, Mrs. Gutfeld reacted to Jimmy Carter’s latest temper tantrum regarding President Bush and Tony Blair. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This woman is television gold!

Red Eye Recap video


3 Responses to “Mrs. Gutfeld Strikes Again”

  1. Ryan said

    “He should go soon.”
    “He’s cookoo.”

    Go Mrs. Gutfeld! That was really funny and so right.

    “How did we ever get to him?” Ha!

    We nominated Ford not Reagan in 1976. That’s a sign.

  2. Chris said

    LOL!!! Mrs. G. tells it like it is…no spin zone times 10!

    And the scary thing is that nominating say…McCain…could bring about another Jimmah….really scary thought. Totally hits home the point of why Republicans shouldn’t run from conservatism, but embrace it.

  3. txcatgirl said

    Jackie Gutfeld is hilarious! I’ve been looking for her clip from 7/3/2008 and the castor oil and Obama comments!

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