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No Amnesty for McCain

Posted by Mike on May 24, 2007

I withheld posting my thoughts on the latest version of McCain-Kennedy because I didn’t know what was in it. Part of reason for that was the fact the people pushing the bill weren’t publicizing it.  What I have heard since then has led me to conclude that this bill is a sham that shouldn’t see the light of day.

The major problem with this bill is enforcement. Amnesty opponents have consistently held to the view that there should be no immigration deal until the borders are secured. Supporters of “comprehensive immigration reform” have long claimed to share this view. They appeared to be vindicated when President Bush signed legislation last October creating an 854 mile double fence along the southern border.  At that point, they finally seemed to have some credibility on enforcement. This credibility was short-lived however.

Since the Democrats won the last election, President Bush has shown that he does not really believe in enforcing the border. First he dragged his feet on enforcement by constructing less than one percent of the fence. Then he backtracked on enforcement by submitting a budget which funded only half of the 854 mile fence. Now, McCain-Kennedy codifies the President’s backtracking by requiring only half of the previously approved fence to be built as a condition for the temporary worker program. To paraphrase Duncan Hunter (THIS IS AN AUDIO LINK), the bill cuts his fence in half and counts that as border enforcement. Moreover, the bill leaves many smuggling lanes along the Arizona border unfenced. McCain-Kennedy will not enforce the border.

Lack of enforcement alone is good reason to kill the legislation.  The tax amnesty citizens will never have and the “non-amnesty” that other lawbreakers will never receive on top of that doesn’t help either.

It’s bad enough when Republican leaders conspire with Ted Kennedy to shove amnesty down our throats. It’s quite another when they apply a new tone when speaking to liberals but not when speaking of their own supporters. John McCain has once again betrayed the party he thinks is going to vote for him. Come primary day, I won’t be voting to give him amnesty for this stunt.

3 Responses to “No Amnesty for McCain”

  1. BillT said

    “It’s bad enough when Republican leaders conspire with Ted Kennedy to shove amnesty down our throats. It’s quite another when they apply a new tone when speaking to liberals but not when speaking of their own supporters.”

    Senator Kyl thinks we’re stupid. You should have heard him explaining the new “electronic verification system” for social security numbers.

  2. Ryan said

    McCain used to think that the maverick thing worked with those crunchy conservatives and moderate liberatarians sick of the “two-party” system. I don’t think McCain really believes that this stuff truly meshes with the base. I think he’s running for the general, but like 2000, it’s going to hurt him. I agree with Mike that this would be a good thing.

    Politicians who have to hide bills will not get the privilege of my vote. I think we’re seeing a list of primary targets emerge as our elected officials drift further away from the mainstream point of view.

    How do Republicans think they can win being Democrat-lite? When did Republicans start thinking that pre-Reagan pussy-footing and acquiescence to Democrats will get them anywhere? Toomey vs. Specter, anyone? This nonsense is what happens when the party goes Specter.

  3. Michael Chertoff should leave his post

    Michael Chertoff, the head of the DHS, is probably one of the most pretentious would-be law enforcement leaders to date, and if you saw his vicious smear of conservatives and proponents of immigration enforcement, you’ll see just how awful he really …

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