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More Clinton Sleaze to Come?

Posted by Ryan on May 25, 2007

Still, newsrooms around the world still think it’s a story that Bill and She Who Must Not Be Named have had some marital difficulties in the past.  However, new reports and books reported on by the UK Daily Mail indicate that Monica was not the first instance where Bill cheated on SWMNBN.  I was just as shocked as you undoubtedly are upon hearing such blasphemy!  The only thing new about this is a revelation about how close SWMNBN came to dumping the jerk back in the early 1980s, but also how closely he was about to drop her!  But, being a governor’s wife apparently meant more to her than, say, dignity!  And having the stand-in wife made dinner parties less awkward for Bill.  In the midst of her Presidential campaign, resurfacing issues like this can mean one of two things:  either they’re purposely getting the dirt out early or someone wants to knock SWMNBN off her high horse!

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Happy 30th Birthday, STAR WARS!

Posted by Ryan on May 25, 2007

Today, Star Wars turned 30!  On May 25, 1977, the movies changed forever and my childhood was full of a lot more imagination and fun!  Back then, Jimmah Carter was President, America was still reeling from the Vietnam War, the economy was stagnant and gasoline cost way too much.  Hairstyles were bad, disco was emerging and I was still cookin’ in the oven (I was born in November of that year). 

Star Wars is undeniably a mainstream sci-fi adventure franchise that deeply permeates throughout our culture and society even to this day.  For example:  

  • Everyone knows who Darth Vader is,
  • Everyone’s heard of the “Force”,  
  • Wise, Yoda is, hmmm?,
  • Nearly everyone laughs when you refer to someone as Chewbacca for the first time (sorry Rosie!), and
  • Princess Leia’s hairdo is a Halloween classic (let’s not forget the slavegirl get-up!),

just to name a few.

I remember owning the toys and having space battles every night with a Millennium Falcon whose radar dish was missing somewhere, seeing Return of the Jedi three times in the movie theater, sword fighting with my brothers using those cheap plastic yellow wiffleball bats that made light-saber sounds as we smacked each other’s hands, and thinking that Luke’s flips were the most awesome thing in the world.

But I don’t simply love Star Wars because so much of my 1980s childhood was filled with it.  Aside from the action and special effects, I have grown to appreciate the eternal archetypes that our favorite characters embody.  The young reluctant hero, the wise old guide, the evil bad guy who is deep-down a pitiful tragic figure, the world at the brink of change and the hero’s quest.  The Hero’s Quest in Star Wars fits the typical trilogy format: adventure (Star Wars), trial (The Empire Strikes Back), and redemption (Return of the Jedi).  Even the prequels add quality depth to this mythology.  I loved watching the Republic fall into chaos and seeing the transformation of that pain-in-the-neck annoying brat “Ani” in The Phantom Menace, to the arrogant, evil, yet tragic Darth Vader who destroyed the Republic and his Order for the protection of the woman he loved, yet could not save in the end. 

The cultural impact of Star Wars will continue to live on and its impact is truly too immense to touch on here, but on its 30th birthday, Uncle George really deserves a shout-out!  Sorry, I have to add a Yoda pic.

Pics from the galleries.

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Bully Rosie Runs Away. Hasselbeck Earns Badge of Honor.

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2007

Ann Coulter once said “You must outrage the enemy. If you don’t leave liberals in a sputtering impotent rage, you’re not doing it right.” If this story is any indication, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is starting to do it right.

Rosie O’Donnell is not unique in her brand of liberalism. Uninformed on the issues and testy when challenged, O’Donnell is a classic example of a liberal bully. She’s fine when hurling insults at decent people who have the nerve to disagree but not to fight to back. Facing a target who fights back however, the bully whines, screams and pretends to be the victim. Sometimes they even run away.

Rosie O’Donnell’s problem is that she opined on a topic she knows absolutely nothing about, was mean about it, and Elisabeth fought back. At that point, she became a deer in the headlights and lashed out. Now that she has been exposed as an unarmed bully, Rosie did what many cowardly bullies do. She ran away.

Confronting obnoxious liberals always leads to some people not liking you. That’s fine though. If the people who don’t like you are nothing but obnoxious fools, then their venom is really something to be proud of. Let’s hope Elisabeth doesn’t take liberal hysteria against her personally. She should wear it as a badge of honor.

The guys on this site do not watch the View. However, Elisabeth is a fellow Rhode Islander our own age. We are proud of her today.

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Barry and the Banshee

Posted by Ryan on May 25, 2007

I can see the Republican campaign commercial now:

The stern music, the black and white slow-motion video of She Who Must Not Be Named looking like a beat-up dog, the newspaper articles flying up, the shrieking quotes of the banshee herself contrasting her own positions about the issue at hand:  she voted for the war, but against the troops. 

SWMNBN and Barry O’Bama were two of only 14 Senators that had the nerve, the Thursday before Memorial Day, to vote against funding the troops.  Thank God it passed easily (H:280-142; S:80-14), but what nonsense.  And they all want to be our next commander-in-chief!  This stuff writes itself sometimes.

Pic from the UK Telegraph. Link via Drudge.

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