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Barry and the Banshee

Posted by Ryan on May 25, 2007

I can see the Republican campaign commercial now:

The stern music, the black and white slow-motion video of She Who Must Not Be Named looking like a beat-up dog, the newspaper articles flying up, the shrieking quotes of the banshee herself contrasting her own positions about the issue at hand:  she voted for the war, but against the troops. 

SWMNBN and Barry O’Bama were two of only 14 Senators that had the nerve, the Thursday before Memorial Day, to vote against funding the troops.  Thank God it passed easily (H:280-142; S:80-14), but what nonsense.  And they all want to be our next commander-in-chief!  This stuff writes itself sometimes.

Pic from the UK Telegraph. Link via Drudge.


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