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Bully Rosie Runs Away. Hasselbeck Earns Badge of Honor.

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2007

Ann Coulter once said “You must outrage the enemy. If you don’t leave liberals in a sputtering impotent rage, you’re not doing it right.” If this story is any indication, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is starting to do it right.

Rosie O’Donnell is not unique in her brand of liberalism. Uninformed on the issues and testy when challenged, O’Donnell is a classic example of a liberal bully. She’s fine when hurling insults at decent people who have the nerve to disagree but not to fight to back. Facing a target who fights back however, the bully whines, screams and pretends to be the victim. Sometimes they even run away.

Rosie O’Donnell’s problem is that she opined on a topic she knows absolutely nothing about, was mean about it, and Elisabeth fought back. At that point, she became a deer in the headlights and lashed out. Now that she has been exposed as an unarmed bully, Rosie did what many cowardly bullies do. She ran away.

Confronting obnoxious liberals always leads to some people not liking you. That’s fine though. If the people who don’t like you are nothing but obnoxious fools, then their venom is really something to be proud of. Let’s hope Elisabeth doesn’t take liberal hysteria against her personally. She should wear it as a badge of honor.

The guys on this site do not watch the View. However, Elisabeth is a fellow Rhode Islander our own age. We are proud of her today.

4 Responses to “Bully Rosie Runs Away. Hasselbeck Earns Badge of Honor.”

  1. Chris said

    Kudos to you, Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

    Rosie was wimping out during the clip as she was trying to cut to a commercial. And after the show, she allegedly trashed Elisabeth’s dressing room.

    I get so much joy and pleasure from watching her put that mess of a human in her place…I like it so much here it is .

  2. Mike said

    Did Rosie trash her own dressing room or Elisabeth’s? The articles are unclear on that one. Regardless of whose room the circle with legs trashed, it’s clear Elisabeth hit a nerve.
    Bullies don’t like it when people fight back. Now I understand why Elisabeth had to speak to Rosie “like she was six.”

  3. Ryan said

    I have a story about Elisabeth from back in the old days. She went to the local all-girls high school and made friends with some acquainances of Mike and I back before college, including an ex-girlfriend of mine. We had this friend, who for anonymity reasons, I’ll call “John” who had a huge crush on his neighbor, then Liz Filarski (not sure on the spelling). Alas, the crush was not mutual. It’s funny because even back then she was considered “hot” by most but her friends generally got more attention from the boys. Teenage boys are pretty dumb sometimes!

    So, “John” was having his 18th birthday party the summer before college and Liz, as a friend of “John”s was invited. It was a huge party! “John” got a bit sauced and had to see his dinner again before Liz, his not-so-secret crush, showed up. When she did everyone laughed at “John” who had a sense of humor about the whole thing, in a very neurotic way. Anyway, it was my turn to watch “John” when Liz showed up. I knew who she was because we knew mutual people, but my only meaningful conversation with Elisabeth was at this party watching “John” get sick and making small talk. Along the way, she happened to meet and speak with Mike at that same party. Remember, Mike? Ha!

    I thought she was really cool and very pretty even at 18. She had a positive energy about her that just eminated from her. She seemed more mature than most girls her age. She sure did turn out great! Puma, Survivor, breast-cancer research advocacy at the RNC in 2004 and verbally b-slappin that cow, Rosie! If anyone was gonna do it, I’m so glad it was her!

  4. Mike said

    For the record, I am not “John.”

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