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More Clinton Sleaze to Come?

Posted by Ryan on May 25, 2007

Still, newsrooms around the world still think it’s a story that Bill and She Who Must Not Be Named have had some marital difficulties in the past.  However, new reports and books reported on by the UK Daily Mail indicate that Monica was not the first instance where Bill cheated on SWMNBN.  I was just as shocked as you undoubtedly are upon hearing such blasphemy!  The only thing new about this is a revelation about how close SWMNBN came to dumping the jerk back in the early 1980s, but also how closely he was about to drop her!  But, being a governor’s wife apparently meant more to her than, say, dignity!  And having the stand-in wife made dinner parties less awkward for Bill.  In the midst of her Presidential campaign, resurfacing issues like this can mean one of two things:  either they’re purposely getting the dirt out early or someone wants to knock SWMNBN off her high horse!


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