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No Fun at the Jersey Shore!

Posted by Ryan on May 26, 2007

Not exactly, the shore is usually a fun place, but a series of new laws and restrictions across the tourist-haven Jersey shore has been revealed this Memorial Day weekend.  New laws restricting anything from no camels allowed to no having diarrhea in the water to no lewd sanddrawings to no digging holes all add to the “People’s Republic” mystique that surrounds Jersey’s big-government-can-solve-anything philosophy.  Add that along side those who live near the Shore who would rather not have all those pesky tourists and visitors spoiling their ocean! 

Obviously these things are gross and inappropriate, but do we need a sign to tell us some of these things?  It’s quite condescending, makes Jersey look even worse, and produces backlash.  I’m waiting for one of those “No Swimming Any Time” signs to go up.  Since they’ve connected the sun to certain forms of skin cancer, maybe they’ll ban “laying out” too! Ridiculous!  Check out the above picture.  That’s what we reclaim here in Jersey: not sand but unexploded World War I ordinances!  At least they closed that beach, right?  I’m going to watch the beach on TV this summer– it seems much safer than the shore this year!

AP photo.

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