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Happy Memorial Day

Posted by Ryan on May 28, 2007

While Memorial Day has become a beach holiday, “official start of summer”, a big retail sales day, and a weekend of blockbuster movies and barbecues, we sometimes forget that on this day we remember those who have fallen in the line of duty while defending our nation.  They deserve our highest honor for making the biggest, most noble sacrifice for us all.  So on behalf of all of us here at Axis of Right, we extend to all the families and comrades of our fallen soldiers our sorrow, pride and best wishes on this most solemn of holidays.  We cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice.

I took this photo last week when I was in Arlington.

2 Responses to “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. Memorial Day 2007 – The Blogosphere Remembers

    Cox & Forkum

    I’ll update this a post a few times today. Other blogging will be light or saved for Tuesday. Feel free to send links to your posts or interesting Memorial Day finds.
    In Training
    There is nothing in this world like a s…

  2. Joel said

    Thank you Ryan for the photo and for your thoughts. Too many do not realize the cost of freedom. It costs many, many lives. Sadly, it is a price that continues to need to be paid, and my heart goes out to the families of all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. My heartfelt thanks goes out to them, to their lost family members, and to those people who were injured in their fight to preserve our freedom. Thank you all so very much.

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