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Dubya Damage on Immigration… etc.

Posted by Ryan on May 29, 2007

As of this moment I’m now perfectly fine if Bush’s approval rating goes down lower than Truman, Nixon or Carter.  That’s not a good group of Presidents to be associated with, but after statements like this, it’s coming.  And if you read Newt’s statements half way through this New Yorker article he may have already “Jimmy Cartered” the Republican Party.  

Dubya said that opponents of Congress’ nonsense immigration bill “don’t want to do what’s right for America.”  He continued that opponents want to dodge the issue, while he wants to tackle it once and for all.  Sorry, George, this does a lot more damage than it fixes and is half-hearted in too many areas to indicate real change, let alone reform.  Unless, of course, that change is movement in the wrong direction. 

What’s wrong with steps?  Here’s my take:  Borders first.  Then, deport all criminal illegal aliens immediately to their country’s of origin.  Next, hit employers hard with fines that make it more expensive to hire illegals than to keep them on.  Two years later, if everyone sticks to it, we may no longer have such a big problem: the new ones can’t get in, the crime element is physically removed, and those others may leave since no one’ll hire them.  Maybe that’s not a perfect plan, but it’s phased, it hits the root of the problem, and won’t reward people for breaking our laws.  Am I smarter than those immigration lackeys in Washington or are other factors clouding their judgment?

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