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Definitely Maybe: The Fred Thompson Story

Posted by Ryan on May 30, 2007

According to, Fred Thompson is still thinking about running for President! (Big news, I know!) While Fred is polling very well and has raised lots of cash for someone not yet declared, the fact remains:  Fred might still be just messing with us.  He seems to be the only candidate everyone in the Republican base can handle; he’s even against the current amnesty bill!  (score 1 for Thompson)  

According to many accounts, he’ll announce on July 4.  It certainly looks good given the nature of his “non”-campaign infrastructure at this point.  He also gets a lot of free press from those of us who are not totally satisfied with the current crop.  Yet, I’m personally not sold on Fred Thompson yet.  I generally like what he has to say, but I need to see him give a dynamic impassioned policy speech on a big issue.  I need to hear the gravitas everyone says is there!  I also need to be sold that he’d be an electable Newt Gingrich, with ideas, a vision, and will fight back when the Dems say the many dumb things that they do.  What America needs is a Ronald Reagan:  clear, articulate, pushing a few big issues, staying principled, and leading rather than following.  It seems to me that many want Fred to be a Reagan, but I’m not totally sold that he would be.

Link via Drudge.

4 Responses to “Definitely Maybe: The Fred Thompson Story”

  1. Mike said

    I’m not sold on Fred either but I hope you’re not looking for style over substance. Gravitas is not something that can be debated because it can only be judged subjectively. That said, I don’t think dynamic passion is synomous with gravitas. Cheney has gravitas but no passion. Al Gore has lots of passion but no gravitas. Reagan had both.
    I also think it’s unfair to compare any candidate to Reagan. The thing about great leaders is that they don’t come around very often. If every other leader was great, they would be unremarkable. Let’s not hold it against any candidate if they’re not like Reagan. Very few are.
    In my opinion, Fred has gravitas. He is authoritative. He isn’t a jackass. Most importantly, people seem to listen when he speaks. Would I prefer the second coming of Reagan? Of course. That isn’t going happen though. Maybe not even in our lifetimes.

  2. Mike said

    Though Romney’s delivery is much better.

  3. Ryan said

    I agree, but the whole “do we need another flip-flopper fron Massachusetts” question comes up with Romney. Otherwise, I think Romney would be the guy in the field right now.

  4. Mike said

    True but there’s one big difference. The former flip flopper from Massachusetts really was a flip flopper from Massachusetts who falsely claimed to ce consistent in all his positions. Romney, despite multiple allegations, only has one confirmed flip and he owned up to it. The people accusing him of flips are Democrats and John McCain (which is really rich coming from Mr. Confederate flag in SC).

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