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NASA: Griffen’s Climate Change Sin

Posted by Ryan on May 31, 2007

Michael Griffin, NASA administrator, had the audacity to admit that global warming exists, but that the human impact is not important!  Immediately, James Hansen, NASA’s climate guru and contributor to Algore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” popped a vein.  Griffin’s point was that the Earth’s climate has been changing for 4.6 billion years and who are we to say that today’s climate is the best it can ever be.  He called that point of view arrogant.  Hansen was quite perturbed and called Griffin arrogant!  Like most global warming/climate change debates, this one turned juvenile quickly, but only on the pro-warming side.  Why does that always happen?  If theirs is a scientifically and morally superior point, why all the insecurity?  Makes one think.

Link via Drudge.

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Harry Potter Theme Park in the Works

Posted by Mike on May 31, 2007

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Universal Studios in Orlando is planning to open a 20-acre Harry Potter Theme Park. Don’t worry about it being tacky though. J.K. Rowling herself is overseeing details to ensure that the park actually resembles the wizarding world in which Harry lives.

This actually sounds fun. People familiar with the Potter series know that the wizarding world includes many attractions familiar to us muggles. They have their own villain, He Who Must Not Be Named, not to be confused with his female counterpart who is running for President. There are also shops, coffee houses, bars, music and more. I wonder if their going to spike the butterbeer?

JUNE 19 UPDATE:  More info here.

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