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Kevorkian on the Loose and Unrepentant

Posted by Ryan on June 1, 2007

“Dr. Death” Jack Kevorkian was released from prison today having only served eight of a ten to twenty-year sentence for a second degree murder conviction.  None of that time in prison reflected the 130 alleged suicides he participated in before this case sent him to the slammer.  Unrepentant, he will work to make doctor-assisted suicide safe, legal and rare (sorry, had to add that leftist mantra), but will not participate in anymore suicides.

Many people are very divided on this issue.  Should those living life in constant suffering continue to live, or should medicine step in to help them leave this life with ease?  Should we respect life at all levels and try to encourage our loved ones to hold on until God’s proper time?  Tough issues tainted by a culture that is very interested in the comfort of the living and healthy.  Old and/or sick people are tucked away in nursing homes or assisted living facilities as society wills them to die quietly and privately so as not to remind us of our own mortality.  We live in a culture that washes over the act of an abortion from the conscious ending of a real human life to an abstract concept–a “choice” so many would never make, but consciously acquiesce as others participate in it.  People aren’t shocked at suffering or death anymore because they can always  change the channel or pull the shades down.  These are realities in modern America.  Realities that encourage a culture of death that, I believe, dehumanizes us.  Kevorkian is a symbol of that cultural decay.

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Fred’s Dead!

Posted by Ryan on June 1, 2007

It turns out that the huge “wild boar” that 11-year-old Jamison Stone (in picture) shot last week was not so wild after all!  He was a neighbor’s pet pig, named Fred, who escaped and was taken down in the wilds of Alabama–shot for impersonating a wild beast.  The pig’s human parents, Rhonda and Phil Blissett, came forward to assuage public’s concern that the pig may have been wild or even possibly a new breed of super-boars planning to invade Sprawlville, USA! (kidding) 

I generally think that a half-ton wild boar hanging around the woods is a scary prospect since they are a fast and fierce delicacy.  Not that a half-ton anything could really sneak up on anyone or anything, per se, it’s just the principle.

Pic from

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The Smartest Woman in the World

Posted by Mike on June 1, 2007

Heh.  I wouldn’t want to be a member of her campaign staff tomorrow.

AP Photo

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