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Fred’s Dead!

Posted by Ryan on June 1, 2007

It turns out that the huge “wild boar” that 11-year-old Jamison Stone (in picture) shot last week was not so wild after all!  He was a neighbor’s pet pig, named Fred, who escaped and was taken down in the wilds of Alabama–shot for impersonating a wild beast.  The pig’s human parents, Rhonda and Phil Blissett, came forward to assuage public’s concern that the pig may have been wild or even possibly a new breed of super-boars planning to invade Sprawlville, USA! (kidding) 

I generally think that a half-ton wild boar hanging around the woods is a scary prospect since they are a fast and fierce delicacy.  Not that a half-ton anything could really sneak up on anyone or anything, per se, it’s just the principle.

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