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Housley Takes Out the Trash

Posted by Mike on June 2, 2007

Adam Housley recently put a Hugo Chavez loving, left-wing scumbag in his place, calling him an SOB on the air. The clip was refreshing but I’m starting to wonder why Fox News lowers itself by inviting such trash on their programming. It can’t be ratings. As the only cable news network capable of presenting both sides of an issue, their ratings would be just as high without polluting their broadcasts. Nevertheless, Housley did the world a favor by treating the scumbag with the disrespect he deserves.

It should be noted that the loser in question’s shamelessness ( I won’t even dignify him by naming him) is above and beyond anything seen on the mainstream left. He could be compared to Barbara Boxer but he isn’t as decent. He could be compared to Maxine Waters but he isn’t as dignified. He certainly doesn’t even possess the brainpower of a Joe Biden. To make matters worse, he seems like one of the meanest and most petty human beings around.

There are many liberals out there capable of defending a liberal point of view. Most of them are even obnoxious enough to satisfy the kook base. I think Fox News would probably do itself a favor by not giving air time to someone who would actually defend Hugo Chavez and spew venom against those who point out the events of the past week.


2 Responses to “Housley Takes Out the Trash”

  1. Chris said

    “Thank God you’re not a Congressman”…my favorite Adam Housley quote in that exchange.

    I do agree that FNC shouldn’t give that loser any airtime, but I have a feeling of why they do. He does speak the liberal talking points, a positive as considered by all the networks, but I believe that even they realize he is a kook and goes way too far. It would not be in the msm’s best interests to air his views and his rantings will smarten up some of the viewers and in turn, will cause their ratings to go down. He goes on FNC because they’re the only ones that give him the airtime.

    Give me Beckel or Kirsten Powers over this guy any day. At least they seem like the kind of people, politics aside, that you can sit down with and have a pint (if Beckel wasn’t a teetotaler).

  2. Ryan said

    Adam Housley is my new hero! That might be a little strong, but I love what he just did– put a demagogue in his place using facts and reality. More folks should be like that when confronted with people who pretend to speak authoritatively without all the facts and who stick to their guns past the point of sense.

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