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JFK Terror Plot Foiled!

Posted by Ryan on June 2, 2007

But, I swore I heard John Edwards say that there was no War on Terror just last month?  I thought it was a bumper-sticker slogan designed by George W. Bush to induce fear.  Ah, well… 

It is being reported that a terror plot targeting JFK International Airport was foiled.  More details will be coming out later today as this news is still breaking.  But since it was only in the plotting stage, the ACLU is bound to show up to obstruct throwing the book at these four alleged terrorists.  The plan was designed to blow up the fuel infrastructure at the airport, setting off a chain reaction of explosions across Queens, Brooklyn, maybe even onto Staten Island.  

One man, Russell Defreitas, was arrested in New York, two others were arrested in Trinidad.  Guess what?  Russell is a young Muslim, codenamed “Mohammed”.  (I’m shocked!)  Abdul Kadir, a former Guyanese mayor and parliament member, and Kareem Ibrahim were both arrested in Trinidad for being a part of the plot.  A fourth suspect, Abdel Nur, is still on the loose.

This, only a few weeks after the “Fort Dix Six” terrorists planned to attack US soldiers in New Jersey.  Sounds like America still has a bit of a terror problem, Mr. Edwards.  Luckily, this was a plot we foiled.  It was first discovered in January 2006 and tracked ever since.  What other kinds of plots are out there?  This was being organized in the Caribbean, by Caribbeans!  It’s a scary world, but as long as we remain vigilant (and recognize that a real problem actually exists) we can continue to succeed in thwarting these potentially horrible acts.


3 Responses to “JFK Terror Plot Foiled!”

  1. Mike said

    Wait a minute. This can’t be true. The Democrats who know we’re in a War on Terror claim we have no plan to fight the War on Terror yet this allegedly coordinated effort by law enforcement to thwart this “plot” looks like a plan to me. This story can’t be true. Bush has no plan.

  2. Ryan said

    It’s a vast right-wing conspiracy to be sure!

  3. CG said

    According to Democrats, Bush just wanted to start a war because he’s from Texas. If wasn’t in office, they would leave us alone. But wait, during Bill’s administration they tried to take down the towers, blew up a couple of U.S. Embassies, and hit a U.S. Navy ship.

    I would like to see this French painter’s image of pigs parachuting from a helicopter into Mecca, during hajj, become reality. The beautiful depiction is on

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