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CNN Debate Seating

Posted by Mike on June 5, 2007

I don’t think CNN sat the Presidential candidates randomly. When the Democrats embarrassed themselves the other night, Obama and She Who Must Not Be Named were placed in the center, with Edwards and Richardson beside them. Tonight, McCain and Rudy are in the center with Romney beside them. In both instances, the “fringe candidates” are seated at opposite ends.

UPDATE: For my thoughts on tonight’s debate, click here or just look at the post above this one.

Reuters Photos


One Response to “CNN Debate Seating”

  1. Ryan said

    CNN has a rather transparent agenda, but there’s something larger in this. They are contributing to the problem with politics today: the people are told who they should like and vote for. The fringe candidates represent parts of the party not heard (or approved of) by the MSM. In the end having things stay the same is something the American people don’t want, but it is somthing that the press won’t let go of.

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