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Democrats Wear Faith on their Sleeves

Posted by Mike on June 5, 2007

When President Bush speaks about his faith, Democrats accuse him of wearing it on his sleeve and imposing his views upon everyone else. When Democrats speak about faith, its a source of strength which keeps them grounded. I think the Democrats need to clarify their position. Is it legitimate for candidates to address their faith or not?

Discussion of personal faith is perfectly legitimate in my view.  Faith used as an argument itself in support of a particular policy however can seem a little weird however.  Democrats often accuse Republicans of doing just that. According to them, President Bush has some sort of Messianic complex which caused him to believe that God told him to invade Iraq. As is often the case with Democrats however, reality is quite different than what flies out of their mouths. Faith in God is not the equivalent of “God made me do it.” But while we’re on the subject, wasn’t it John Kerry who claimed that his faith led him to his position on environmental policies? Wasn’t it Barack Obama who cited faith as a reason for his policy on CEO pay? Isn’t it the Democrats who now think they can sell their agenda by uttering the name “Jesus” before their spiel on redistributing wealth? Like I said, they need to clarify their position on religion in politics.

I find it refreshing when politicians, Republican or Democrat, are people of faith. Directly tying that faith to policy is another issue, but since the Democrats are doing just that I think they beg the question. What does Jesus think about their abortion policy?


One Response to “Democrats Wear Faith on their Sleeves”

  1. Ryan said

    You really bring it home at the end of this post! My thoughts exactly! The Dems don’t get the “God” vote because God, and His ethical implications, is something they have steered away from for so long. Abortion, marital ethics, euthanasia, etc. are all things the Dems are cool with as foundations of their political philosophy and movement. Unitl THEY change (for real), the God vote is safely on the Right. The problem is that they don’t get it and religion and ethics voters can see right through their sudden conversions.

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