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Why Comprehensive Immigration Reform Won’t Work

Posted by Ryan on June 5, 2007

Today, the Senate is reaching a very important phase of the debate over comprehensive immigration reform.  Republicans who went home and actually listened to their constituents are ready to sabotage the Kennedy-Kyl “grand bargain”.  But, these efforts, even if passed, won’t work. 

Newt Gingrich spelled out the details last year in this National Review Online article, when the illegals were on the streets demanding that we (the law-abiding, taxpaying natives) cater to them and let them stay, and facilitate their children and flip the bill for their emergency room visits and embrace their willingness to become a non-monitored and potentially dangerous sub-class in our society. 

Newt’s basic premise over the last year has been simple and poll-tested:  the government is incapable of enforcing the current laws, so any new laws that require even more monitoring and stages of earned citizenship will ultimately not work either.  His argument was convincing in April 2006 and is very relevant today as Congress debates this new round of amnesty.   It’s the same exact principle as trying to pass new gun laws: 20,000 and 1 guns laws aren’t going to matter if no one bothers to enforce the laws already on the books! 

Newt’s solution is also simple:  dump the comprehensive reform and take small consensus steps to bandage the wound at the border, end the economic incentives for them to come here and prosper illegally, and force all new immigrants to assimilate by learning the language and basic civics.  This is our country, remember?


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