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It’s Not Dead Yet

Posted by Mike on June 7, 2007

But the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill is on life support.

Harry Reid and other pro-amnesty Senators twice failed to invoke cloture on the bill today. Michelle Malkin has a thorough roundup of the Senate shenanigans leading to today’s events. My favorite part of Malkin’s coverage is when she discusses Harry Reid’s claim that one amnesty supporter showed up at his office in tears. Malkin thinks it was Lindsey Graham. I think that’s a good bet.

Many, myself included, thought this bill would be rammed through today. Luckily it wasn’t. But keep in my mind that Ted Kennedy, John McCain and the other sellouts are hellbent on giving lawbreakers a pass. Some are doing it because they see future dependants who will vote for their party. Others are doing it for favorable media coverage. Whatever their motivations, the pro-amnesty Senators and special interests will re-introduce this bill. Hopefully, they won’t do it before the next election. If they do, conservatives need to apply the same pressure used in the last couple of weeks. If they don’t it becomes even more important to elect a President who would veto this sham.

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Reinforcing the Fred Factor

Posted by Ryan on June 7, 2007

A new Fox News poll continues to show that there is no real movement between any of the candidates on either side of the race.  She Who Must Not Be Named and Rudy seem to be the frontrunners amongst registered voters, but I found one part of the poll to be of interest:  the Fred Thompson quotient. 

Fred apparently doesn’t just take votes away from Romney, as the conventional wisdom indicates, but from all of the top three candidates!  When Thompson supporters are asked who their number two guy is the answer is interesting: 1/3 to Rudy, 1/3 to Romney, and the rest are split between either Gollum/Smeagol or Newt.  This reinforces a thought I had about Fred Thompson–he seems to the the only candidate that satisfies all aspects of the coalition, including the security types, the morals voters, and the economic conservatives.  Dubya used to have this coalition working in his favor until a few months after he got reelected. 

Personally, I like Romney (though Huckabee’s been forcing a second look) amongst the crew, but Newt’s my guy 100% if he runs.  Fred’s probably going to fill-in until Newt makes up his mind.  So, I’m in that weak Romney support who’s looking for something more than Gollum and Rudy’s liberal positions… who also has a realistic chance of beating a Democrat.  Actually, according to the polling data 19% of Republicans are still not committed to one candidate (I’m in there).  That figure is only 9% on the Democrat side.  Also, Algore seems to have the same effect on the other side, taking a noticeable number of votes from all of the major candidates. 

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