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It’s Not Dead Yet

Posted by Mike on June 7, 2007

But the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill is on life support.

Harry Reid and other pro-amnesty Senators twice failed to invoke cloture on the bill today. Michelle Malkin has a thorough roundup of the Senate shenanigans leading to today’s events. My favorite part of Malkin’s coverage is when she discusses Harry Reid’s claim that one amnesty supporter showed up at his office in tears. Malkin thinks it was Lindsey Graham. I think that’s a good bet.

Many, myself included, thought this bill would be rammed through today. Luckily it wasn’t. But keep in my mind that Ted Kennedy, John McCain and the other sellouts are hellbent on giving lawbreakers a pass. Some are doing it because they see future dependants who will vote for their party. Others are doing it for favorable media coverage. Whatever their motivations, the pro-amnesty Senators and special interests will re-introduce this bill. Hopefully, they won’t do it before the next election. If they do, conservatives need to apply the same pressure used in the last couple of weeks. If they don’t it becomes even more important to elect a President who would veto this sham.


One Response to “It’s Not Dead Yet”

  1. Ryan said

    I completely agree with your assessment. It’s not dead. But, if illegal immigration is such a massively important issue that requires action NOW, then why does it sound like they’re going to wait two years before tackling it again? This dangerously inept bill is the best they can do for five years of work?

    Congress has shown their disconnect with the American people and has ignored their duty to protect our citizens–especially since the President seems unable to protect us. The Fort Dix Six overstayed their visas, one of the JFK plotters was an illegal. What’s it going to take for our government to take this issue of illegal immigration truly seriously? Does an attack involving illegals need to take place? They sound firmly steeped in 1990s b.s. about the feelings of those who are breaking our laws, rather than the protection and economic security of those who obey them.

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