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Reinforcing the Fred Factor

Posted by Ryan on June 7, 2007

A new Fox News poll continues to show that there is no real movement between any of the candidates on either side of the race.  She Who Must Not Be Named and Rudy seem to be the frontrunners amongst registered voters, but I found one part of the poll to be of interest:  the Fred Thompson quotient. 

Fred apparently doesn’t just take votes away from Romney, as the conventional wisdom indicates, but from all of the top three candidates!  When Thompson supporters are asked who their number two guy is the answer is interesting: 1/3 to Rudy, 1/3 to Romney, and the rest are split between either Gollum/Smeagol or Newt.  This reinforces a thought I had about Fred Thompson–he seems to the the only candidate that satisfies all aspects of the coalition, including the security types, the morals voters, and the economic conservatives.  Dubya used to have this coalition working in his favor until a few months after he got reelected. 

Personally, I like Romney (though Huckabee’s been forcing a second look) amongst the crew, but Newt’s my guy 100% if he runs.  Fred’s probably going to fill-in until Newt makes up his mind.  So, I’m in that weak Romney support who’s looking for something more than Gollum and Rudy’s liberal positions… who also has a realistic chance of beating a Democrat.  Actually, according to the polling data 19% of Republicans are still not committed to one candidate (I’m in there).  That figure is only 9% on the Democrat side.  Also, Algore seems to have the same effect on the other side, taking a noticeable number of votes from all of the major candidates. 


3 Responses to “Reinforcing the Fred Factor”

  1. Mike said

    That’s the closest any of us three have come to an endorsement. I like Newt too but I think he has baggage and a track record of losing political battles to SWMNBN’s family.

  2. Joel said

    Newt Gingritch has been too long in politics. When that happens, the GOB network and lobbies have sufficiently stained the suit of the person to the point of them forgetting what it is like to wear a clean suit, to understand what it is like to hold a job where your pay is related directly to your efforts, and has been too far removed from the realities experienced by the American [citizen] worker in the private (not governmental) sector. Listen some time to the refreshingly clear commentary and opinion offered by Fred Thompson any time he speaks publicly (like on his radio talk show) and you will hear clarity and objectivity that is not infused with obfuscatory double-seak that is the standard style of “assimilated” [career] politicians. We need that kind of approach to the misguided or aimless directions our federal government is increasingly wandering, whether by lazy inaction or by personal desire that is lacking a complementary feling of responsibility to uphold the United States Constitution and the laws already on the books (for example, immigration laws). We do not need immigration law reform. We need enforcement of what laws already exist. I believe Fred Thompson is the only person with the potential to win the upcoming Presidential election who will address these issues in this manner. The rest just seem to want the problem to go away long enough for them to get out of the spotlight and on to an easier “problem” to solve, whether quixotic or worthwhile. As I age, I am saddened to hear so many with whom I interact daily express a misunderstanding of the societal principles that work and don’t work, or don’t have any interest in knowing anything about what power is in their voice and their vote if used in concert with a functional, reasoning brain. It makes it all the more important to not let liberalism continue to erode the freedoms that make this country so great. OK, there’s that Bush thing about invasion of privacy, but for the most part, Conservatives are FAR less into removing our individual freedoms than liberals.

    Socialism with its goal of seizing and redistribution of wealth is merely a slightly watered-down version of full-on Communism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – uh-oh. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth… it tastes like – like “She Who Must Not Be Named” – a senator in the Democratic primary.

  3. Ryan said

    There’s no doubt about Freds appeal to many conservatives, but Newt’s language is very different than everyone else’s. Both Newt and I teach history and there is a way of looking at problems and trying to tackle them that seems either inside the box or outside the box. Either within the broken system, or with a fresh look from outside the beltway.
    Insider speak is what the major candidates on both sides seem steeped in– solving the problems in a broken system with weak, ineffective means. Outside the box language about really getting the root to a problem, explaining what you’d do to fix it, then immediately and clearly explain why it is important to fix that problem. Newt just seems to speak in that language in a way the others don’t, ie: taxes need to be cut (insider politician) versus our tax structure is unfair to most Americans and should be seriously altered to be fair to all Americans and competitive in the newly globalized world (Newt).
    I do not believe he could win the nomination easily or the general is he was nominated, but in primary season, we need to go with our hearts and heads. If not Newt, Fred seems to be the better of the choices in this conservative’s mind.

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