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No Anderson Cooper. THIS Is She Who Must Not Be Named.

Posted by Mike on June 8, 2007

Anderson Cooper is actually pretty tolerable for a CNN journalist. Although he is clearly a liberal, I’ve recently had the sense that he at least tries to be fair. His program is also fairly substantive. Now that the compliments are out of the way, I have to take issue with his latest shtick.

Like just about every thinking person on the planet, Cooper seems to be sick and tired of hearing about Paris Hilton. In fact, Cooper’s fatigue with Hilton is so strong that he now refers to her as She Who Must Not Be Named. That’s a clever label but it’s as inaccurate as it is late.

She Who Must Not Be Named is the name long used to identify a woman so dangerous and repulsive that the mere thought of her attaining even a sliver of power is enough to create a sense of impending doom in the hearts of every decent human being on the face earth. The sound of her voice of frightens small children and innocent animals. Her appearance repels everyone she comes in contact with. Her vindictiveness causes all those connected with her to flee when they feel the earth move as she approaches. Her socialist agenda threatens the values shared by normal Americans across the fruited plain. She is in fact the woman whose heart is so cold that it turns every place she visits into a state of always winter but never Christmas. She Who Must Not Be Named is the name used for the former First Lady and current junior Senator from New York and has been for quite some time now. Wasting this nickname on inconsequential trash like Hilton does a disservice to those who wince whenever the real She Who Must Not Be Named is mentioned.

Perhaps Cooper uses this label for the skanky one because he was once referred to as “the Paris Hilton of television news.” Fair enough, but Cooper is not the Paris Hilton of television news and Hilton is not She Who Must Not Be Named. I happen to agree with Cooper that the Hilton media watch was too old even before it started, but that is why Hilton should be treated as She Who Must Not Be Covered. But that’s up to him isn’t it? The other name is already taken.

Photo courtesy of some brave Reuters photographer who now has to learn braille.

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Another Democrat Tax Scheme

Posted by Ryan on June 8, 2007

The Democrats have never met a tax that they didn’t like or a group they didn’t think about targeting.  According to this Washington Post article, the Dems want to soften the blow of the Alternative Minimum Tax*** on millions of Americans.  However, there’s a catch.  To balance out the equation, 3 million people are going to be burdened with much higher taxes.  Guess who?  The wealthy! 

We tried this before in the late 1960s and guess what happened then…  The 1970s:  a period of multiple recessions, inflation, gas lines, and high taxes!  This also happened before, during the 1930s:  FDR and his rubber stamp Congress taxed, regulated and punished business and the investor class to the point where the Great Depression was prolonged years longer than it should have been because business was discouraged from hiring people and paying them adequately by the Federal government’s ridiculous and mean-spirited Progressive-era ideological policies. 

The Dems are using the populist rhetoric that only a small percentage of household would be affected, but fail to mention how much economic activity is spurned from these very same households and what the monetary effect would be on the economy at large, not just in their Washington “money bin” (at least Uncle Scrooge earned his money!).  However, by raising taxes to balance out the equation (an equation that was proven false in the early 1960s, by the way) they risk being attacked by Republicans next year for being tax-raisers.  Well, duh.

*** The AMT was a clever tax designed by a liberal Congress in the late 1960s that punishes those who manipulate the tax code by deducting everything they are legally allowed to do.  So rather than fix the loopholes in the code itself, they have the taxpayer do their taxes twice:  once with the deductions, and once without.  The AMT is the higher number, and has not been adjusted for inflation since the 1960s so millions more Americans are forced to pay it.

Link via Drudge.  Pic from Duckman.

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