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Bush and Benedict

Posted by Ryan on June 9, 2007

President Bush had his first audience with Pope Benedict XVI today and many things were discussed, like Iraq, Africa, HIV/AIDS, etc.  I like that the Pope was concerned about Iraq’s Christian population and didn’t dwell on the whole “just war” thing that JPII was so concerned with. 

The state of Iraq’s Christians are a side to the war that the Pope should be concerned about, considering the Pope is the leader of Christianity’s (and the world’s) largest single religous sect, Roman Catholics. Benedict has been very direct with Muslims since his tenure began two years ago.  No one likes being told their faults, but Islam in the Mideast has a horrible 1400 year record of religious intolerance.  Sure, a Christian or a Jew could live in the various Mulsim empires, just as second and third-class citizens with severely restricted rights.  Even the Crusades, which Muslims have been using for 800 years to justify anti-Christian rhetoric, were an attempt to “recapture” the Holy Land, whose Christian pilgrims were being abused and killed on the way to Jerusalem.  Hmm… I wonder who from?  Either way, if I were an Arab Christian in Iraq, I’d be nervous and I’m glad that the Pope and President Bush broached this important subject.

AP photo.

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