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Sarko Keeps Winning!

Posted by Ryan on June 10, 2007

Simple lesson for conservatives and Republicans in America:  watch Sarkozy!  According to the polls in France, Sarko’s UMP party is on the verge of taking nearly half of France’s parliament in today’s elections.  The run-offs for those candidates who did not get a majority is next Sunday.  This projected result would break with precedent that leftist and rightist party control of the parliament alternates, but the rightists are in position to maintain control… even with the their party as the incumbant!

Why?  Sarko was in the incumbant party and pulled off a win with demonstrable coat-tails by looking for faster, more decisive action all while staying conservative, creating a major distinction between his worldview and that which the Socialists would create for France.  American conservatives and Republicans would be well served to emulate Sarko’s approach in 2008.

Link via Drudge. Pic from JammieWearingFool blog.


4 Responses to “Sarko Keeps Winning!”

  1. Greg said

    Actually it’s not half of the Parliament but two thirds

  2. Ryan said

    Just being cautiously optimistic until the runoffs are through!

  3. BillT said

    Did you happen to catch Trent Lott’s glowing endorsement of Senator Kennedy as a leader last week? Our right wing is in almost complete disarray. Not good in the middle of a global conflict.

  4. Mike said

    New French Presidents tend to get Parliamentary majorities. To that extent, Sarkozy’s latest win is not unprecedented. The margin of victory however is quite impressive.

    Cohabitation periods tend to occur after subsequent Parliamentary elections. Hopefully Sarko can avoid that. Given the state of the French left, he might be able to keep his peeps in power.

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