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Sopranos Finale

Posted by Mike on June 10, 2007

Brilliant. I don’t think it was open-ended. It ended with Tony’s perspective.

UPDATE: Click here for the official HBO Sopranos community


2 Responses to “Sopranos Finale”

  1. Chris said

    As the born and bred Jersey guy here, I feel the need to comment on the finale of the Sopranos. I’ve now had the chance to watch it twice and let it ‘marinate’ and I’ve come to the conclusion that I came to at 10:05 on Sunday night: Tony didn’t die.

    I can see the arguments of all who believe he did (the guy going into the Holsten’s restroom a la Michael in GF1, in Tony’s perspective, when it comes it’ll be a quiet surprise, etc), but I personally am not buying into it. Here’s why:

    -Tony had ‘made peace’ with NY and as we had seen in previous seasons, it’s always in the best interest of both families (NY and NJ) for them to be at peace because there is the best potential for financial profit for all. Who would wnat to kill him?

    -Carmine Jr is a non-factor in this and I don’t believe he had a role, as I have read in a few Soprano forums. Plus, AJ is now working for him.

    -Tony had eliminated all that were against him…Phil is dead, any wayward NY soldier knew they would surely be dealt with and nobody in his own family was left to be discontent enough to want to kill Tony. I believe that although he has been a loose cannon, Paulie is loyal to the core.

    -Knowing DeCesare’s (that’s David Chase…that was his given last name before he changed it after leaving NJ) history and nature, I don’t think that would be his quintessential ending. He doesn’t believe the viewer needs to be spoonfed every plot (hence the lack of closure with the Russian in season 3, Melfi’s rape in season 3, Carlo in season 6, etc). If ‘Twin Peaks’ is of any examination of DeCesare’s work, enough is left open (question of Tony’s life, possible indictment, Silvio in a coma, Carlo flipped, Paulie is still around) for there to be a Sopranos movie…it may not be next year, but I do think it is in the making.

    A couple other observations of the show:

    -Holsten’s has some of the best ice cream and candy in North Jersey.

    -Phil’s death took place in Morris Plains at the intersection fo routes 10 and 202…actually that Barnes and Noble in the background was where Frank Vincent (actor who plays Phil) did a booksigning of his recent book “A Guy’s Guide to Being a Man’s Man.”

    -The ending reminded me of the movie “Unfaithful”…no full closure.

    A good end to an excellent series that will be missed but is now in syndication on A&E. (eventhough, it will never be the same)

  2. Mike said

    I have to disagree Chris. The argument you raise regarding the NY war is only slightly relevant.

    NY War: You’re correct that this war was essentially over. However, that does not eliminate every person with a motive to kill the mob boss whose family executed hit after hit against people who had absolutely nothing to do with NY. As mob boss, his family made countless enemies. The fact that the latest hostilities with NY ended does not unring the countless other bells.

    Carmine Jr. seemed to be friendly with Tony. Like you, I doubt he was behind it.

    Unclean ending: True indeed. That’s why he left it debatable.

    I think he is dead for several reasons. First, I think he is dead because that conclusion is where Chase led the viewer. During the final scene, every time the bell on the door rang, we saw Tony, then Tony’s persepctive. The fact that it went black showed us his perspective, blackness. It was over.

    Second, alot of the leadup to the final scene was set against the backdrop of closure. Tony was finally at peacer vis a vis Junior. Phil was whacked. On a family level, Tony had what he saw as one of his final chances to be with his daughter when they had sake. Every member of Tony’s nuclear family showed up except Meadow who was on the way. He did not need Meadow for closure because he already got that.

    Third, Bobby stated that you don’t hear a thing when its over. People are harping on this one not only because Bobby said it in this season’s first episode, but also because it was the flashback on the second to last episode. Clear foreshadowing.

    Fourth, there was symmetry with the Phil whacking. Like Phil, Tony did not see it coming because he was focused on a family member dear to his heart at the moment it happened. One suspicious man was in the bathroom. Another was at the counter. Both were outside Tony’s focus because of his attention to Meadow. The scene did indeed contain shades of Michael Corleone. The fact that the suspicious came from outside Tony’s focus reinforces both the symmetry to Phil whacking and the truth of Bobby’s words.

    Fifth, the black scene lasted for several seconds until the credits rolled, which is the technical end of a show. That should be interpreted as ten seconds of something happening. Since the entire series was told from Tony’s perspective, the last seconds should be no different. Tony blacked out. Didn’t see it coming and heard nothing. HThat’s becasue he is dead.

    Some scenes could be interpreted to suggest Tony lived. Specifically, the Journey song lyrics about the movie going on and on. However, the same could be said of the family beyond Tony’s death. This thing does go on and on, even after the boss is whacked. It was true when Tony took over and when the parade of NY leaders took over. It is also true when the next NJ boss takes over, whomever that may be.

    In terms of the open ending, I agree. Chase wants the option of making a movie. Though he is on record stating that he would only make one under narrow circumstances. I’m satisfied with the end.

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