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Harry Reid, Meet 19%

Posted by Ryan on June 11, 2007

People are starting to notice the shinanigans of Dingy Harry Reid.  He’s whiney and wimpy even for a Democrat, and people are starting to notice.  He’s down to a whopping 19% favorability rating in the latest round of Rasmussen polls.  Even Dick Cheney is at 38%, which is actually more popular than President Bush (though with illegal immigration vexing Dubya, this sentiment seems obvious), who’s hovering around 35% in the polls!  So the next time they start ranting about how much the American people support and like them, the truth may serve as a stinging reminder– the American people don’t like them all that much, and especially Mr. Reid.

Pic from the Lunch Counter.


3 Responses to “Harry Reid, Meet 19%”

  1. gerritvb said

    Yikes. I bet that low rating has a good bit to do with Reid’s low name recognition, as well. If only 35% of americans vote in mid-term elections, it’s a fair estimate that about that many actually know a single substantive thing about their representatives. So Reid’s probably more popular than Bush among those who know him as well as Bush.

  2. Mike said

    That is normally true of Congressional leaders. However, Reid’s disapproval is at 45 percent. Out of those who do know Reid, more than two-thirds disapprove. That’s lower than even Gingrich and slightly worse than Bush’s ratio.

  3. Gerrit said

    Hah – good point. I would be among the 19% in that poll, by the way, so I myself am a case in point.

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