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Posted by Ryan on June 12, 2007

I don’t have kids.  But I know that some kids are overweight.  Back in my Gen-X childhood, we called overweight kids “fat.”  There was a stigma, and those of us who were fat (I was a little chubby) either became funny people or lost the weight (which subsequently happened with my adolescent growth spurt).  But for years, Millennials (slowly becoming America’s fattest generation, who are slated to actually decrease their life-expectancy because of obesity) have been told by their doctors that they were “at-risk” for being “overweight”.  My doctors used the term “obese” plain and straight.  Why?  Because we were!  Now, doctors are at a point where they’re ready to call kids obese again

I completely agree with this point.  Sure the kid feels great when you use words they don’t understand or may sound nice, but what happens when that kid has diabetes with heart complications at 12 and sucks the marrow from our health care system as he gets older, fatter and less healthy.  By stigmatizing obesity, we can coerce parents get more engaged in raising healthy kids.  With rare exception, fat kids are not fat on their own.  Parents keep buying sugary foods and plop their kids in front of flashy screens.  Bad food + little activity = OBESE.  And it’s not just me, it’s also the CDC and the American Medical Association that are ready to go “old-school” on obesity.  Childhood obesity is a real problem with long-term consequences that need to be addressed.  The politically correct word-Nazis are literally killing our children.

Pic from Offsprung.

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WHO is the Liar Again?

Posted by Mike on June 12, 2007

George W. Bush is a liar because Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had no connection to terrorism. How do I know that? Simple. Al Gore said so, over and over and over again. There is a problem with this accusation however.

The problem with Gore’s claim is that the administration he served during sang a different tune back in 1998. Even more problematic is the fact that Al Gore himself sang a different tune back in 1992 when he accused former President Bush of ignoring Saddam Hussein’s involvement with terrorism and desire to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Ann Coulter once said that liberals cannot seem to grasp the problem Lexis Nexis poses to their incessant lying. This observation is as correct now as it was then but it needs to be expanded. Liberals also can’t seem to grasp the problem Youtube poses to their incessant lying. Regardless of the method used to expose the left, it is becoming increasingly clear that Dan Quayle was right about this crowd. They do have a character problem. The media just can’t hide it anymore.

H/T: Rush Limbaugh

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