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Big Brother Flashback: Dr. Will

Posted by Mike on June 16, 2007

Only one Big Brother houseguest could ever deliver a jury speech like this one and still win the game. Dr. Will Kirby entered the Big Brother house at the beginning of Season 2 determined to lie to everybody and lose every challenge before finally winning in the end. He didn’t exactly hide what he was doing, but somehow his rivals fell for it.

What’s even funnier is that five years later, most of the Big Brother All-Stars also fell for Will’s act.  Despite being great players themselves and knowing how Will plays Big Brother, the All-Stars stood by as Will strategized his way into the final four using the same tactics he used five years earlier.

Will is the greatest player in Big Brother history. Not only was his strategy genius, but he was also entertaining along the way. After manipulating everyone around him, Will would often be seen in the diary room mocking those around him for missing the obvious.

CBS would be well-served by finding another Will for Season 8.  That is a tall order though.

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Pat’s in Kyrgyzstan!

Posted by Ryan on June 16, 2007

My soon-to-be Sargeant First Class brother Pat has just entered Kyrgyzstan to liase with some of the mountain folk out there.  I can’t get more specific at this point, but Kyrgyzstan?  Where the heck is Kyrgyzstan?  Somewhere near Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China, I suppose!  As a history teacher I knew, but very few others could point it out on a map, though they have a sense that it’s in central Asia, somewhere, next to the other “-stans”.  It kind of sounds kind of boring, in my opinion.  Best of luck to my bro, and to those of you who’d like to know where he is at the moment, here’s a map:

 State Department Map and Flag, University of Indiana photo.

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The Gore and Thompson Syndrome

Posted by Ryan on June 16, 2007

I was on my way back from Barnes and Noble’s today when I popped on Monica Crowley and her Saturday afternoon radio talkshow on 77 WABC here in Jersey.  Monica’s show is usually good at pointing things out, but not so great at in-depth analysis, yet today she brought up an excellent point worth parroting:  Libs don’t really love Algore and conservatives don’t really love Fred Thompson.

Her point was in regards to the draft Algore movement.  In her opinion, no one really loves Algore, they just see him as a well-known comfortable face in a field dominated by girlie-men and a manly-woman.  Monica goes on to say that the Dems didn’t even really like him in 2000, but rather liked his liberal potential.  She points out that conservatives seem to be going nuts over Fred Thompson on the same principle, just in the other direction.  He’s the most Reagan-esque in their minds… or does he just project that Reagan image in a field that’s really lacking a stand-out rallying point?  Could conservatives and Libs be being duped because we really really really want candidates to reflect our values, even if we have to overlook potentially big flaws and fallacies?  I don’t think we know enough about Fred, but I think that was her point.

This “Gore and Thompson Syndrome” (my quotes, not Monica’s) affects Libs and conservatives who want past greatness to be reflected in the current crop of candidates.  2008 is the first election since 1952 without an incumbant at the Presidential or Veep-level running so we both want it to count!  Algore is potentially more vulnerable that She Who Must Not Be Named because of his political speeches and writings since 2001, but the danger is in Fred Thompson seeming Reganesque and attracting conservatives when he could really be a weak strawman on the big issues and in the debates. 

I completely agree with Mike and Salinger (remember him!) that holding any Republican to the standard of Ronald Reagan is not fair.  I remember in the 1996 Election that I was concerned that everyone wanted to be the next Ronald Reagan.  Cool, but I wanted someone to say “I want to be the first Bob Dole or the first Phil Graham or the first Lamar!, etc.”  But that didn’t happen.  Monica thinks, and I happen to agree, that the Republican candidates should try to be the modern Ronald Reagan:  reduce government, cut taxes and beat the commies can be morphed into reduce government, cut taxes, and beat the Islamofascists. 

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