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Big Brother Flashback: Dr. Will

Posted by Mike on June 16, 2007

Only one Big Brother houseguest could ever deliver a jury speech like this one and still win the game. Dr. Will Kirby entered the Big Brother house at the beginning of Season 2 determined to lie to everybody and lose every challenge before finally winning in the end. He didn’t exactly hide what he was doing, but somehow his rivals fell for it.

What’s even funnier is that five years later, most of the Big Brother All-Stars also fell for Will’s act.  Despite being great players themselves and knowing how Will plays Big Brother, the All-Stars stood by as Will strategized his way into the final four using the same tactics he used five years earlier.

Will is the greatest player in Big Brother history. Not only was his strategy genius, but he was also entertaining along the way. After manipulating everyone around him, Will would often be seen in the diary room mocking those around him for missing the obvious.

CBS would be well-served by finding another Will for Season 8.  That is a tall order though.

One Response to “Big Brother Flashback: Dr. Will”

  1. Ryan said

    I was of course rooting for Jedi Janie last season, but Will was able to just lie and manipulate his way to, I think, the final four. Every week I saw the same thing: he was brutally honest, lost every challenge and won the sympathies of the people he was flipping off. Brilliant. And hilarious! When he and Boogie would get into those confession rooms and laugh their butts off at the ridiculous decisions their opponents were making COMPLETELY overlooking or oblivious to the fact that Will instigated the whole thing, Will earned my respect. Especially since he was the only one who showed up who actually DID win a previous Big Brother. Remarkable… or shows how dumb reality TV contestants really are, even when it’s All-Stars like last season!

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