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Pat’s in Kyrgyzstan!

Posted by Ryan on June 16, 2007

My soon-to-be Sargeant First Class brother Pat has just entered Kyrgyzstan to liase with some of the mountain folk out there.  I can’t get more specific at this point, but Kyrgyzstan?  Where the heck is Kyrgyzstan?  Somewhere near Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China, I suppose!  As a history teacher I knew, but very few others could point it out on a map, though they have a sense that it’s in central Asia, somewhere, next to the other “-stans”.  It kind of sounds kind of boring, in my opinion.  Best of luck to my bro, and to those of you who’d like to know where he is at the moment, here’s a map:

 State Department Map and Flag, University of Indiana photo.

3 Responses to “Pat’s in Kyrgyzstan!”

  1. Rachelle said

    Dear Ryan: Beautiful picture of Kyrgyzstan. I don’t think I’d go skydiving in that country.
    See you soon. Mom

  2. BillT said

    May your brother be safe and come back with excellent memories.

  3. Ryan said

    Thanks! He has a great attitude about the military and his role in it. He’s been all over the world since 1991 and feels amazed that his life’s taken him from Panama, to Rwanda, to Bosnia, to Iraq, to Kyrgyzstan, just to name a few! It’s also neat knowing someone in the service who’s not going to give you any propaganda, but will be a straight shooter on the deal with our foreign policy. By the way, he’s not a fan of Dubya, but loathes the Democrats too.

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