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Fred Fever Grows

Posted by Ryan on June 19, 2007

Election 2008 update:  according to the latest round of Rasmussen polls, Fred Thompson is on top of Rudy by a point, 28% to 27%.  I know that this means nothing statistically, except that Fred is suddenly very very close to being a full-fledged leader in the Republican race, and the first person to lead Giuliani in the Rasmussen polls.

2 Responses to “Fred Fever Grows”

  1. Chris said

    Good piece today in this week’s National Review by Kate O’Beirne about Thompson and the passion he is ingniting on the Republican side. I must admit that I am quite glad he is on the scene and his presence has led me closer to supporting a candidate…I still want to learn more about him and his positions, as well as wait to see who else jumps in (I do think now that Thompson has planned to toss his hat in, there is less of a chance that Newt will run) before I make a declaration of support.

    Thompson is planning to make strong use of the Internet and he will benefit over other candidates as a result. Also his plain spokenness on the issues and “No Spin Zone” attitude is welcome in this campaign, especially when you compare him to the empty suits and heads on the other side of the spectrum, as well as the lack of a front-runner on our side.

    I reiterate that we must learn more and fully examine his record and Conservative stature before making a decision. Conservatives have been burned by Republicans masquerading as conservatives in the past and the stakes are now way too high for that. As a reminder, when the Republicans return to their conservative principles, they win and win big.

  2. BillT said

    Yeah, but if he doesn’t start managing expectations, his crash and burn will be bright and painfully long.

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