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Mayor Mike Takes a Hike

Posted by Ryan on June 20, 2007

Liberal New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has finally left the Republican Party (he was a Democrat just before being elected to mayor anyway).  Of course, he says that he “intends” to serve out the rest of his term as Mayor as an Independent and not run for President in 2008.  Don’t take this seriously.  Liberal NY counterpart, She Who Must Not Be Named, also said that she wouldn’t run for President if reelected New York’s junior Senator.  But, she is a Clinton, so we expect them to lie! 

Let’s just suppose he does run in 2008.  A liberal friend of mine bought the popular MSM wisdom that it would hurt Republicans.  There are a million things that could hurt the Republicans next year, but I had a simple question: 

Could someone tell me in this coming election, which Republicans are going to vote for a closet socialist party-jumper, charging people $18 a day to drive into the city, who saw crime increase in NYC under his watch, who wants to bribe kids with tax-payer cash to study and go to school, who wanted to ban cell phones on the streets, who supports abortion and gay marriage, raised property taxes, just to name a few very un-Republican things he’s done? 

I’m happy he’s gone and think that moderate Democrats, cagey Perot Indepedents and a few disgruntled Republican/Non-Republicans would be his base.  I think, on balance, that this hurts the Dems more than the Republicans, since SWMNBN is so polarizing and in this race where she has nearly 100% name recognition, she can only pull less than 40% of her party’s support.  Plus, what dude is going to be shamed into voting for SWMNBN anyway?  Exactly.  They’ll want an alternative (let’s not discount Ralph Nader while we’re at it!).

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