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Liberal Media Bias Abounds!

Posted by Ryan on June 21, 2007

Drudge posted a MSDNC report on political contributors who work for the media and the story is worth repeating!  There was nearly a 9 to1 margin in favor of Democrats.  Since this is roughly the same percentage of those that admitted to voting for Bill Clinton in 1992, I was not shocked.  However, some of the Democratic contributors were from Fox News, strangely, and one of the Republican contributors wrote for the Newark Star-Ledger, an obviously liberal-leaning newspaper with an obligatory centrist story just to throw the bloodhounds off the trail once in a while. 

I know that every news bureau has a mix of libs and conservatives, but in truth it certainly seems left-leaning overall (not shock to those of us who’ve followed politics most of our lives).  It’s their prerogative and I don’t have any problems with that.  My issue is that they pretend to be unbiased, when stories like these reinforce the conventional wisdom that many media sources are pushing a leftist agenda rather than just reporting the straight facts about what happened.  They always seem to have to explain to us what really happened as if we’re sheep, rather than just give us the facts that we can digest ourselves.  This is why they get lumped together as the MSM (Main Stream Media) in more open-minded circles like this one.  They have their own conventional wisdom which begins every issue with a premise that starts from a leftist point of view, therefore every conclusion is either leftist or centrist (when they know that they’re really wrong), in my opinion. 

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Big Brother Flashback: Dumbest Move Ever

Posted by Mike on June 21, 2007

Let’s return to Season 3 for what can only be described as the dumbest decision in reality television history. Thankfully it was a decision made by Marcellas, one of the least likeable contestants in reality television history. This video is also worth watching because of the ending, and Lisa.

Livewire Joe video

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Disrespect for Life at All Stages

Posted by Mike on June 21, 2007

President Bush stood up for human life yesterday, causing She Who Must Not Be Named to deliver a predictable yet hysterical overreaction. According to the candidate, President Bush vetoed legislation which would have funded embryonic stem cell research because he values politics and ideology over science and progress. She did not mention the sanctity of human life. She did not mention medical ethics. She did not even mention the free market.

This statement is just the latest example of how radical SWMNBN really is. There are many pro-choice politicians out there but at least they have the decency to pretend to have respect for the pro-life position. Even John Kerry paid lip service in his speeches to respecting pro-lifers before articulating his desire for abortion on demand. Not SWMNBN though. Nope. Those who value life apparently do so for no reason whatsoever.

Is SWMNBN sincere or does she value politics over innocent human life? Or does she value politics over ethics? Perhaps she values politics over science? Or maybe she just doesn’t know that most of the scientific breakthroughs in this area are coming from adult stem cell research, not embryonic. Science tells us this is so. The free market also tells us this is so. If the field of embryonic stem cell research had any potential, there would be no need for federal funding because the free market would adequately fund such research. But she doesn’t value the free market either so never mind.

It comes as no surprise that She Who Must Not Be Named supports federally funding the destruction of human life in the embryonic stage. After all, she supports legalized abortion at any stage of pregnancy for any reason while opposing all common sense restrictions such as parental notification. She even supports legalizing partial birth abortion.

What is it about little children that fails to warm her cold black heart? Is she sincere? Or is she the one who values politics above all else?

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