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Big Brother Flashback: Dumbest Move Ever

Posted by Mike on June 21, 2007

Let’s return to Season 3 for what can only be described as the dumbest decision in reality television history. Thankfully it was a decision made by Marcellas, one of the least likeable contestants in reality television history. This video is also worth watching because of the ending, and Lisa.

Livewire Joe video

One Response to “Big Brother Flashback: Dumbest Move Ever”

  1. Ryan said

    First of all, Marcellas is a liberal.
    How can I tell?
    1. He’s a grown man with a comfort doll.
    2. He earned a veto (a privilege) in competition and blew it.
    3. His noble sense of self-righteousness backfired because he obviously did not think through the consequences of his actions
    4. He believed in the benevolence of those who were put there to be his enemies.

    Jeez, minus the doll, he could be John Edwards!

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