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Disrespect for Life at All Stages

Posted by Mike on June 21, 2007

President Bush stood up for human life yesterday, causing She Who Must Not Be Named to deliver a predictable yet hysterical overreaction. According to the candidate, President Bush vetoed legislation which would have funded embryonic stem cell research because he values politics and ideology over science and progress. She did not mention the sanctity of human life. She did not mention medical ethics. She did not even mention the free market.

This statement is just the latest example of how radical SWMNBN really is. There are many pro-choice politicians out there but at least they have the decency to pretend to have respect for the pro-life position. Even John Kerry paid lip service in his speeches to respecting pro-lifers before articulating his desire for abortion on demand. Not SWMNBN though. Nope. Those who value life apparently do so for no reason whatsoever.

Is SWMNBN sincere or does she value politics over innocent human life? Or does she value politics over ethics? Perhaps she values politics over science? Or maybe she just doesn’t know that most of the scientific breakthroughs in this area are coming from adult stem cell research, not embryonic. Science tells us this is so. The free market also tells us this is so. If the field of embryonic stem cell research had any potential, there would be no need for federal funding because the free market would adequately fund such research. But she doesn’t value the free market either so never mind.

It comes as no surprise that She Who Must Not Be Named supports federally funding the destruction of human life in the embryonic stage. After all, she supports legalized abortion at any stage of pregnancy for any reason while opposing all common sense restrictions such as parental notification. She even supports legalizing partial birth abortion.

What is it about little children that fails to warm her cold black heart? Is she sincere? Or is she the one who values politics above all else?

One Response to “Disrespect for Life at All Stages”

  1. Ryan said

    She is a sick scary woman who is too politically driven to have a heart or a clear-thinking brain. She put up with national embarassment over Monica, she put up with Vince Foster’s “suicide”, she put up with her husband having a ten year affair with Gennifer Flowers, she put up with taking all the heat for that disasterous health care proposal back in 1994-3 that was spearheaded by her husband, so, dammit, she wants payback– she wants to be President in her own right. Ethics be damned, she didn’t get where she is by taking a squeaky clean, honest route. She has a demographic to pander to during primary season, but this is who she really is.
    Plus, I can’t imagine America leaving 8 years of one of the most divisive Presidents in our lifetimes, and replacing him with the only other person as divisive as the current President.

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