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One Smart Kid in Britain

Posted by Ryan on June 23, 2007

This Daily Mail article linked on Drudge addresses the brilliance of a 2-year-old British girl named Matilda with a 152 IQ, and the youngest female member of Mensa, a society for those in the top 2 percent IQ range.  Although she’s very bright for her age, she’ll advance further, earlier in school than most, being alienated from her peers.  She may end up perfectly fine and well-adjusted once she copes with her brain-power.  However, she may end up socially stunted or bitter for everyone making such a big deal about her.  Unfortunately, British society and her parents may treat her much like little beauty queens are treated in America: all dolled up for public consumption, where some of us go “aw, how cute!” as the rest of us think “that’s a little weird.”  Matlida’s not a puppet, she’s potentially a brillant contributor to all of humanity.

Back in 1986, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons wrote a politically charged graphic novel (or in this case an R-rated comic book) called The Watchmen.  Oddly, it was a lot like The Incredibles (which was a lot like the Fantastic Four now that I think about it, but I digress) in the way a bunch of former superheroes were getting killed, while a few rogue survivors must track down their friend’s killers before they are wiped out.  In it a character named Adrian Veidt (former superhero, Ozymandias) was far-and-away the world smartest man living at the time of the Cold War.  His solution to solving the Cold War crisis was absolutely shocking and very unexpected.  Here’s a spoiler warning since the movie is being made for a 2008 release: (Highlight to read)  he teleports a genetically engineered alien-like thing to New York City sending a psychic-shockwave that kills half the city and makes the other half insane in order to demonstrate to each side of the Cold War how ridiculous they are being. (END)  But his brain was very big and his ambitions were even larger.  He looked down on the rest of us like we were all just silly and needed to be shown the way since we couldn’t figure it out ourselves.  Typical “power corrupts” argument.  Actually, a lot of Libs and some of my old college professors act the same way about the “stupid public” to use a popular phrase back in my undergrad days. 

Long story short, I just hope some Lib interest group doesn’t pay off the family and turn her into some hyper-intelligent global warming snob or Stewie from Family Guy.  I do hope she grows up as normally as possible for someone in her position.

Pic from Fox Galleries.

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