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The People’s House

Posted by Sal on June 26, 2007

What may now be a foregone conclusion in the Senate is decidedly less so in the House of Representatives.  The Republican Conference in the House tonight voted 114-23 to express strong dissaproval of the Sentate immigration bill.   While the move is symbolic, it has deeper implications.  Speaker Pelosi has stated that she needs 70 Republican votes to pass the Senate bill.  If only 23 Republicans support the Amnesty bill, it is a far cry from the 70 that Pelosi says she needs.  With many of the Democrat Freshman Class having campaigned as anti-Amnesty and strong on border enforcement, and with all members standing for election in a year, the House may be the salvation of our nation’s immigration policy. 

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Bush Actually Called it Amnesty!

Posted by Ryan on June 26, 2007

I knew it!  Dubya apparently belted out a major Freudian slip when he actually called the Senate’s immigration bill “amnesty” this morning.  I mean, it is Dubya, he really could have meant anything, but it’s just kind of funny.  I’m gonna miss him when he’s gone!

He said today that the status quo needs to change.  So, leave it up to the Washington bureaucrats to think that to solve a problem caused by an unenforced bureaucratic nightmare, we need a bigger, more encompassing unenforceable bureaucratic nightmare! 

Today or tomorrow they may try a cloture vote to end debate on this nightmare.  I’ve called my Senators, have you?  I gave New Jersey Senators Lautenberg and Menendez’s office a piece of my mind when I related this bill to new guns laws:  we don’t need a new law, everything we already need is already on the books, just enforce it!  But, my Senators are both Democrats so while futile, I made my voice heard!

Here’s a list of the Senate office phone numbers and addresses.  If you’re in a state with RINOs, nail them on this!  Below are some Senators local to my area:

New Jersey:  Frank Lautenberg (D) Bob Menendez (D)

New York:  Chucky Schmucky (D) She Who Must Not Be Named (Evil)

Rhode Island:  Sheldon Whitehouse (D) Jack Reed (D)

Massachusetts:  John F’in Kerry (D) Ted “Fins” Kennedy (D)

Pennsylvania:  Arlen Spector (RINO) Robert Casey (D)

Satirical picture aimed at the RNC linked from Free Republic user posts.

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