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Big Brother Flashback: Dollygate

Posted by Mike on June 27, 2007

Last season CBS brought back the most memorable Big Brother houseguests from seasons past for an All-Star edition. Right out of the gate, the four members of the “Season Six Alliance” dominated the game. Along the way however, one member of that alliance, James, thought it would be a good idea to betray his ally, Janelle. The hiccup in this strategy was that Janelle is one of the best Big Brother players who never won the game and also the most popular houseguest in Big Brother history.

In this clip, eviction nominees James and Janelle participate in a veto competition in which the winner guarantees their safety for another week. James of course lost to Janelle and was evicted from the house. The embarrassing part of this episode was not the loss itself. Almost everyone in Big Brother loses to Janelle. What was embarrassing was James’ sore loser routine, which was reminiscent of Al Gore’s hissy fit in the year 2000. After Dollygate, Janelle came out smelling like roses and James was evicted from the house while losing his fan base.

What lesson should have been drawn from this incident? Simple. Don’t cry if a girl beats you in a contest involving a doll.

Meggie28 video

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“Fairness,” According to Kerry

Posted by Ryan on June 27, 2007

John F’in Kerry adds his name to the chorus of those who are now coming out for renewal of the “fairness” doctrine to destroy talk-radio and silence free speech because Americans are realizing that fundamentally and philosophically, Liberalism is not a better alternative.

How are we realizing this?  After forty-five years of Liberal pre-dominance of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, the “new” media, spearheaded by talk-radio and the Internet, is offering an alternative to the usual bias, and completing the sentences of many of the MSM’s own news stories.  Americans know how to get the whole picture and when they see it, the old-school liberal bastions don’t look so good anymore.  So, like DiFi, Barbara Boxer, and She Who Must Not Be Named, John F’in Kerry’s added his name to the list of those who see the only alternative to fighting in the arena of ideas and market forces is to restrict or even silence it.

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Coulter-Edwards Catfight on Whiffleball

Posted by Mike on June 27, 2007

While flipping through the channels yesterday, I discovered that Hardball with Chrissy Matthews is still on the air. Who knew? Needless to say I was most pleasantly surprised to see none other than Ann Coulter as his guest. Midway through the interview, things got interesting. Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democrat candidate John “Polly Prissy Pants” Edwards called in and implored Ann to cease using personal attacks.

Ann certainly handled herself well but my immediate thoughts focused on Elizabeth’s history of using questionable rhetoric. Chrissy however seemed to be suffering from amnesia. He made no mention of how Elizabeth Edwards once played the race card against President Bush on Matthews’ own show. He made no mention of Elizabeth’s defense of the now infamous “Hollywood is the heart and soul of America” pep rally. He made no mention of how John Edwards not only tolerated but hired an anti-Catholic bigot as his campaign’s official blogger. But he’s not liberal though. Just ask Andrea Mitchell.

I think John Hawkins at Right Wing News said it best:

If Elizabeth Edwards doesn’t like Ann Coulter and other conservative pundits taking shots at her husband, she should tell the Silky Pony to retire from politics. Politics is a nasty, rough, smash mouth game and quite frankly, people on her side of the aisle are primarily responsible for it being that way. When Elizabeth Edwards starts regularly chiding people on her side for calling George Bush Hitler or calling Republicans fascists or racists, then I’ll start paying attention to her complaints about Ann Coulter. Until then, cry me a river Elizabeth.

And he also mentioned something Ann brought up which bears repeating:

Also, isn’t it kind of pathetic that Elizabeth Edwards had speak up for her husband because what — he’s afraid of Ann Coulter? If the Breck Girl can’t stand up to Ann Coulter, what makes anyone think he can take on Al-Qaeda? Get out from behind your wife’s skirt and start fighting your own battles pretty boy.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Elizabeth wears the pants in that family.

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Tony Blair Leaves Number 10

Posted by Mike on June 27, 2007

Tony Blair stepped down as British Prime Minister today, ending his decade-long stay at 10 Downing Street. His term in office will go down as one of the most significant in modern history. As Prime Minister, he transformed the face of the Labour Party and strengthened the already sturdy special relationship between Britain and America. Conservatives on this side of the Atlantic have soft spot for the former Prime Minister, although it didn’t always seem like this would be the case.

When Tony Blair was elected in 1997, he seemed a little too similar to Bill Clinton for our liking. Like Clinton, Blair was a slick politician enamoured with big government, high taxes, and nonstop political spin. In fact, the similarities between the two leaders were so compelling that the American MSM often referred to Blair as a “Clinton clone,” although they meant it as a compliment.

Not only were Blair’s policies similar to Clinton’s but so were his political skills. As was the case with Clinton in the U.S., Blair gave his political opposition fits. No matter how hard the Tories tried to unify their party and call out the Prime Minister on his stealth taxes and spin, Blair always managed to run political circles around them. As leader of the Labour party, Blair won three general elections, retiring four Conservative party leaders in the process. For admirers of Margaret Thatcher, Blair’s departure couldn’t come soon enough.

But something happened after the murderous events of September 11, 2001. With the civilized world needing resolve more than ever, Tony Blair stood firmly with the United States. He supported our efforts against terrorist-sponsoring regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq despite being surrounded by a Labour party whose backbenchers would be more at home in a lunatic asylum than in the House of Commons. It would have taken enormous courage for a Conservative Prime Minister to stand with an unpopular American President. The fact that Blair stood with America under such circumstances solidified his hero status on the American right.

Although we American conservatives would prefer a Conservative Prime Minster (even if it is David Cameron), we will always look back fondly on the decade of Tony Blair. Like Conservatives Churchill and Thatcher before him, Blair obviously valued the special relationship between Britain and America, often risking his own political capital to nurture it. For that, we will always be grateful.

Reuters photo

UPDATE:  BBC cuts off Blair’s farewell remarks to the House of Commons.  That’s pretty classless, even for them.

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