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Big Brother Flashback: Dollygate

Posted by Mike on June 27, 2007

Last season CBS brought back the most memorable Big Brother houseguests from seasons past for an All-Star edition. Right out of the gate, the four members of the “Season Six Alliance” dominated the game. Along the way however, one member of that alliance, James, thought it would be a good idea to betray his ally, Janelle. The hiccup in this strategy was that Janelle is one of the best Big Brother players who never won the game and also the most popular houseguest in Big Brother history.

In this clip, eviction nominees James and Janelle participate in a veto competition in which the winner guarantees their safety for another week. James of course lost to Janelle and was evicted from the house. The embarrassing part of this episode was not the loss itself. Almost everyone in Big Brother loses to Janelle. What was embarrassing was James’ sore loser routine, which was reminiscent of Al Gore’s hissy fit in the year 2000. After Dollygate, Janelle came out smelling like roses and James was evicted from the house while losing his fan base.

What lesson should have been drawn from this incident? Simple. Don’t cry if a girl beats you in a contest involving a doll.

Meggie28 video

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