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Amnesty Bill Killed

Posted by Mike on June 28, 2007

The roof collapsed on the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill today when failed 46-53. Last time this bill failed I predicted that it wasn’t dead. This time, I think it is dead as dead can be in politics. Bush can’t revive it as the 2008 election draws closer. The only way this comes back is if the Democrats take the White House. (McCain’s campaign is going nowhere).

The grass roots defeated this bill despite some questionable tactics and rhetoric. Michelle Malkin has a detailed roundup of this morning’s pro-amnesty shenanigans. My favorite tactic was when the fairness doctrine liberals didn’t even bother to apply equal time on the Senate floor. Although Ted Kennedy claiming amnesty opponents favored a gestapo was quite amusing too. I’m sure Elizabeth Edwards will take the Cape Cod Orca to task for that one.


4 Responses to “Amnesty Bill Killed”

  1. BillT said

    This was a nasty episode for the GOP. I hope it’s the end of the self-destruct cycle.

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  3. Ryan said

    I’m actually glad that the GOP had this internal argument. I think we need to know that our party’s politicians are who they say they are. Usually the politicians don’t like it when they actually have to go on record with something controversial– case in point was the October 2002 Use of Force Agreement in Congress. Here’s another one of those pesky little bills that shows all of us where these politicians really stand. Now if this happened around this time next year, that might hurt the party, but I think at this point it serves to get our politicians to know that they work for us, so get in line!

  4. Chris said

    I agree with you that these public spats within the Republican Party are needed every now and then. As we have seen this decade, the Republican Party has a pattern of losing its focus of a following of and belief in conservative values. This occurred in at least three major events: 1) the Harriet Miers nomination; 2) The Congressional Republican Majority; 3) The Amnesty/Illegal Alien Debacle. In all of these events, the people rebelled and their voices were heard loudly. Bush dropped Miers and smartly nominated Alito, the Congressional Republicans stopped acting like Republicans and also lost their spine and as a result they were voted out of the majority and Republican voters flooded the Senate with calls and were able to assist in killing this monstrosity.

    This rebellion reminds the politicians they are accountable to the people and had better keep promises. There are times that as a Republican, I get sick of seeing these spats and just praying that my party grows a pair, but I realize there are larger issues at hand, such as keeping our country safe, our government small (of which they still need to a better job) and a Democrat out of the White House in 2008. As I have said many times, Republicans must be willing to and brave enough to return to their Conservative Principles…if they do they will win and win big!

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