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Democrat Debate Moderated by Tavis. Republicans Are Smiley.

Posted by Mike on June 28, 2007

The Democrats debated tonight on taxpayer-funded television and would have embarrassed themselves once again if anyone other myself had seen it. Normally after a debate I give you my opinion as to who won, who accomplished something and who stumbled. Tonight, I cannot say that any of the candidates won. They were equally pathetic.

The substance of this debate centered on what I think is a racist assumption. Each of the candidates seemed to believe that our nation is divided between a well-off white America and a black America in which people are unable to control their own destinies. Even the set behind them depicted this message of division. This condescension especially manifested itself when it came to the concept of personal responsibility. At one point, She Who Must Not Be Named bemoaned the lack of attention to the high occurrence of AIDS among black women. She even played the race card by claiming that Americans would be more willing to address the problem if it affected more white people. What she either failed to explain or did not understand is that with rare exceptions, HIV is only communicable as the result of conscious decisions made by those affected. The answer is not spending more of other people’s money as the candidates suggested. The answer is for people to take more personal responsibility for their own choices.

John Edwards choices this evening were no surprise. He pandered to racists in the crowd such as Cornell West, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters by arguing that “every vote should count” in future elections. Perpetuating the false claim that blacks were disenfranchised in 2000 and 2004 only serves to heighten racial tension. He also bought into the notions that the government could prevent AIDS and that people are where they are in life because of a “genetic lottery.” The fact that Edwards wants black people to believe the latter so they will depend on people like him does not make it so. Every human being is capable of accomplishing extraordinary things.

The foreign policy discussion was even more embarrassing. Neither terrorism nor alternative strategies in the Iraq front in the War on Terror were discussed at all. At one point, many of the candidates advocated the use of force in Darfur for humanitarian reasons, but failed to explain why such reasons are insufficient for the use of force in Iraq. Maybe they just didn’t have enough time. Unfortunately, foreign policy took a back seat to more important issues like a hurricane that made landfall in New Orleans two years ago.

The bright spot of the evening came when Barack Obama and SWMNBN referenced the racial progress made in the 20th century. Obama specifically commended the U.S. for overcoming slavery and Jim Crow. It would have been nice if he had taken his history lesson a step further by reminding those in the crowd which party supported those ideas in the first place though. (Hint: It’s the same party that supports discrimination today in the form of affirmative action).

Tonight, the Democrats demonstrated once again that none of their candidates are fit to be President of the United States. They did not even address the War on Terror. They ignored the role of personal responsibility as a precondition to success. They pandered to racists in the crowd. They took their two Americas nonsense to new heights. Count this debate as a Republican victory.

Reuters photo

UPDATE: LaShawn Barber live blogged this thing. Her real time reactions are worth a read.

UPDATE 2: Great poll spoof on Little Green Footballs.


2 Responses to “Democrat Debate Moderated by Tavis. Republicans Are Smiley.”

  1. Chris said

    I think you probably were the only person watching the debate (even less people watch the Propaganda Broadcast System than do MSLSD). Going into it, knowing this was aired on PBS and moderated by Tavis Smiley (a former aide to LA Mayor Tom Bradley and openly liberal “social activist”), you could make the assumption that propaganda was going to be spewed on the liberal lovefest network. (So much for the fairness doctrine being applied to PBS…but I digress)

    You make a lot of good points about the attitude of the debate (good observation on the set, by the way), as well as the attitude and outlook of the modern day Democrat Party. They have continued this for many years…it is quite a rarity where you will find a Democrat Presidential Canidate who is willing to be positive campaigner/policymaker…example 1: John Kerry 2004: “Let America be America Again” By that statement, he is insinuating that our country’s greatness has wained and only he can improve it. I guess he hasn’t taken a look at the Mexican border at the thousands of illegals trying to get in who probably don’t agree with Kerry’s assessment. Example 2: Carter’s Malaise Speech (written by none other than Chrissy Matthews) where he criticizes the American People on their usage of energy, instead of looking to his own failed policies that didn’t help matters in the 1970s.

    Republicans, on the other hand, have always been more positive and optimistic in nature. Ronald Reagan is the most notable example (“America as the shining city on a hill,” “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” “Morning in America,” etc). Their legislation has also exhibited this optimism and positive view of America. They are also aware that the National Security tied together with the War on Terror is most important issue in our country, more important than any Domestic issues with which the Democrats try to divide the nation. If we do not win the War on Terror or have a cohesive National Security, there will be no Domestic Issue debate because we will not survive as a nation. Despite the party’s issues today, I am happy to say the majority of Republicans at least get that.

    Democrats have surely missed the boat on these issues and hopefully Americans will get this.

    Just a warning, PBS and Tavis get a crack at the Republican candidates later this year…good bet they won’t be applying the Fairness Doctrine to that debate.

  2. Ryan said

    I actually watched some of the “conversation” last night and felt like a cagey old man shouting at the TV! When FDR tried this socialist garbage back in the 1930s we got a prolonged Depression that he kept blaming on “greedy” “big business” rather than his own failed anti-business, anti-growth policies. That’s what I saw last night. It’s the same Democrat Party of FDR without the forward-looking foreign policy during wartime.

    Racists around every corner, we’re drifting towards a Depression, the world hates us… blah blah blah. I want my President to be optimistic about fixing today’s problems and bring the American people along with them. I understand that they want to distinguish themselves from the Republicans, etc., but I found nothing redeeming about their victim-mentality, hand-out mentality, anti-business and growth economic philosophy, or demeanor. No one looked happy to be there:

    She Who Must Not Be Named’s fake smiles were transparent. She nodded her head incessantly. She would drop names and numbers to look smart, but they had little bearing on the point.

    Polly Prissy Pants looked quite effeminate and as Mike mentioned, his two America’s nonsense was made real through the backdrop seen in this post’s picture.

    Barack O’Bama through out applause lines and agreed with too many people… but he looked OK.

    Biden was angry.

    Dodd is a dud.

    Richardson likes to hear the sound of his voice, but apparently not Tavis Smiley’s– he kept talking over Tavis everytime Bill’s time ran out.

    Gravel… gridlock!

    Ok. Upon calling Mike after the debate, we wondered who Dennis Kucinich looked like. The consensus was “Kreacher” from Harry Potter. So Kreacher loved “Sicko”. Surprised?

    All in all I agree with Mike and Chris on this debate. No one was helped nationally, they agreed with each other too much on issues where their solutions are worse than the problems.

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