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iPhone Mania!

Posted by Ryan on June 29, 2007

Alright, iGeeks and technophiles–roll up those sleeves, tape up those glasses and get ready to push in line!  Your new gadget is here:  the iPhone is on sale as of 6pm today!  As usual, the frenzy is to be the first one on the block to get the new toy.  Even the mayor of Philly was waiting like everyone else today (a Democrat, of course, who was probably being paid to hang out in line until 6pm)! 

They expect prices to drop by Christmas, but at $499-599 at present, I’d hope they’d drop.  The iPhone is bound to have a dozen kinks that need to be worked out, especially about compatibility with existing software, whether or not the gadgets still work properly in three weeks, and range and reception issues will likely make the new owners of this pricey item a little put-off. 

But hey, who am I too talk? I’m always there to see the newest blockbuster movie right on opening day/night or weekend because I need to see it first(ish)!  I’m no different in that regard, but that’s only $10 a ticket, not $600.  I may get an iPhone, but after enough people I know have it and have told me about the joys and/or pitfalls of such an investment.  But, it’s summertime and waiting in line for something new and exciting is a great part of our American capitalist system on display. Kudos to all who’re buy into the hype:  you’re making the wheels of our economy turn this weekend!

Top pic from the Sydney Morning Herald.  iPhone pic from Gizmoto.

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Imperius Curse Needs Improvement

Posted by Mike on June 29, 2007

According to a new Mason-Dixon poll, 52 percent of likely voters will not even consider voting for She Who Must Not Be Named in the upcoming election. Looks like someone needs to improve her imperius curse.

This comes as no surprise. SWMNBN is one of the least likable figures in American politics. Like her appearance, her policies are nothing short of frightening. She does not trust to people to run their own lives. She plans to confiscate more of our hard-earned tax dollars to fund more government programs that don’t work. She wants to nationalize the greatest health care system in the world. She wants abortion legalized at anytime for any reason. Her War on Terror outlook fluctuates with Barack Obama’s poll ratings. This socialist and shallow worldview is not something people are going to flock to.

Her policy positions are not marketable and her image is just as bad. She sounds like a banshee every other time she opens her mouth. She changes her accent from crowd to crowd. She tells whoppers regarding her biography. Over the years, SWMNBN has come across as an irritable phony and people are well aware of that.

Her problem at this point is that there isn’t much she can do to change people’s opinions of her. Although most people are afraid to speak her name, they know what her name is. More importantly, they know what she stands for. They know her history. They know her phoniness. Her unappealing public life is an open book and has been for years now. Because she has been known for so long, there isn’t much she can do to convince people to like her.

However, there is plenty of time for her to convince people that her opponent is somehow worse than she is. This will be difficult for her, especially now that her unfavorable rating is over 50 percent. It is still possible though. We Republicans need to be mindful of this as we select our nominee. She is in bad spot right now but she will not defeat herself. That is up to us.

This poll is encouraging news because Mason-Dixon is a reputable polling firm. Although they are primarily known for their excellence in polling at the state level, this nationeide poll is still valid. Their methodology appears to be sound. They sampled likely voters and their findings are not that different from Rasmussen who has an excellent track record at the national level.

Link via Lucianne

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UK Terror Plot Foiled!

Posted by Ryan on June 29, 2007

Word has come out from across that pond that a loaded car bomb was found near Picadilly Circus in the heart of London outside of a popular night club, and on Park Lane, at the edge of Hyde Park. 60 liters of petrol, propane gas and nails were found in an abandoned car near Haymarket. There was an estimated potential of 1,770 people near a Haymarket night club complex last night and had the bomb gone off, this would have meant horrendous carnage or “significant damage and loss of life” as British anti-terror chief Peter Clarke said. Britain is on high alert and they are checking the street cameras as I write.

But this is Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s second full day as PM, and the day after he replaced Blair’s entire cabinet. There is a transition going on at the moment and perhaps this plot was designed to inflict a chaotic blow to the new government, or to make a statement about Tony Blair’s new position as Mideast Envoy. Either way, this plot doesn’t seem random.

It’s not a new story. Remember the March 11 train bombings in Spain that led to a Socialist wuss-like government that pulled out of Iraq and flung its tail between its legs? Our enemies are not stupid and they understand our politics and the weaknesses of our system. There’s no evidence yet that this was al Qaeda or another well-organized group, but that doesn’t matter– it was still perpetrated by elements that do not respect the rule of law or freedom. Also, the US is not heightening alert levels just yet.

This bothers me for another reason, though. It is actually a fear I have for America once we have a new President next year. The bad guys will try something to hit America or American interests once we have a new administration, regardless of party affiliation. Look for Iran, China and Russia to exert force against us as well at that point. It’s just the nature of the beast and the world we live in.

AP photo.

UPDATE:  Apparently, the second potential car bomb is linked to the one found earlier today according to officials.

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