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iPhone Mania!

Posted by Ryan on June 29, 2007

Alright, iGeeks and technophiles–roll up those sleeves, tape up those glasses and get ready to push in line!  Your new gadget is here:  the iPhone is on sale as of 6pm today!  As usual, the frenzy is to be the first one on the block to get the new toy.  Even the mayor of Philly was waiting like everyone else today (a Democrat, of course, who was probably being paid to hang out in line until 6pm)! 

They expect prices to drop by Christmas, but at $499-599 at present, I’d hope they’d drop.  The iPhone is bound to have a dozen kinks that need to be worked out, especially about compatibility with existing software, whether or not the gadgets still work properly in three weeks, and range and reception issues will likely make the new owners of this pricey item a little put-off. 

But hey, who am I too talk? I’m always there to see the newest blockbuster movie right on opening day/night or weekend because I need to see it first(ish)!  I’m no different in that regard, but that’s only $10 a ticket, not $600.  I may get an iPhone, but after enough people I know have it and have told me about the joys and/or pitfalls of such an investment.  But, it’s summertime and waiting in line for something new and exciting is a great part of our American capitalist system on display. Kudos to all who’re buy into the hype:  you’re making the wheels of our economy turn this weekend!

Top pic from the Sydney Morning Herald.  iPhone pic from Gizmoto.

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