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Glasgow Airport Attacked

Posted by Mike on June 30, 2007

Only a day after the UK thwarted a terrorist attack in London, a flaming car was driven into Glasgow airport’s main terminal. Police have arrested two Asian men in connection with this apparent attack. Since this story is still developing, officials aren’t saying if this attack is related to yesterday’s foiled plot.

Taking no chances, the British Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre wisely raised the UK’s terror alert to “critical,” which is described as a threat level which anticipates an imminent attack. Our prayers are with our British friends.

UPDATE: Police have now officially confirmed what most of us thought. It was a terrorist attack and they are assuming it was related to yesterday’s plot.

UPDATE 2 (JULY 1):  I guess by “Asian” they meant well-off Muslim doctors.

3 Responses to “Glasgow Airport Attacked”

  1. Ryan said

    Absolutely crazy. I just hope this isn’t a diversion for something much bigger going on, or just the opening salvo of a larger series of attacks. Britain remains at their version of Code red– imminent danger of an attack. We pray they stay viligant.

  2. Chris said

    I believe that what we are seeing here is a test…a test of Gordon Brown and the new Labour government by Al Qaeda. If a terror attack occurs on British soil, will the Brits cower like the Spanish and stick their heads in the sand. Many who were against Tony Blair seemed to take that view, being that he has been a stand up guy when it comes to the War on Terror. There was the belief among the moonbat wing of Labour that things under Brown would be different and now he is being put to the test. I do believe that the historically strong British resolve will continue, but I also pray for the safety of our friends across the pond and hope with all my heart that my predictions will be correct and Brown’s actions will resemble the most recent Labour PM and not the most infamous.

  3. Glasgow suicide Fryer

    Its time these idiots gave it up, these people are cowards not terrorists just cowards

    I do wish, the press would not use Al Qaeda in there reporting but should say

    “Cowards have tried to bomb London”


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