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Politics with Newt Gingrich

Posted by Ryan on July 1, 2007

This Washington Post article makes potential presidential candidate Newt Gingrich look very much human, and very much visionary with ideas about everything, and opinions about everyone.  Newt has morphed from someone who was knee-deep in throes of power, politics, and the Clinton smear machine in the 1990s to someone who has successfully, in my opinion, made the transition to a policy visionary.  His “mega-workshop” American Solutions, is slated to be held the last weekend of September and will determine whether or not he’ll run for President.  He believes that the Republicans need an American Sarkozy to win in 2008 and real ideas on how to change the system for the better.  He was the brains behind organizing the “Contract With America”, so he’s got some credibility and results when he puts his mind to something. 

When pushed by the reporter, he admits that he’s more of a Ben Franklin than an Abraham Lincoln figure– bold statement coming from anyone.  Franklin was never President, but his views were highly respected, his brain was very big as well as useful, and his political clout was undeniable.  Lincoln was, of course, Lincoln– the man who kept the nation together during our darkest time, the Civil War, and helped usher in that “new birth of freedom” he spoke of in the Gettysburg Address, perhaps our nation’s most important post-Revolution speech. 

I’m starting to agree with that analogy.  Maybe Newt shouldn’t be President (despite his actual chances, I’m just pondering the thought here).  Since stepping down as Speaker in 1998 he’s been involved in real ideas about how to reinvent America (not just our government) in a way that works, is efficient, and brings trust and optimism back to the people.  Personally, I think he’s looking for another “New Deal” kind-of-thing just in reverse– a pro-business, pro-individual plan that brings trust back to the government and allows American ingenuity and ideals to flourish.  Tom Delay is quoted in the article saying that this is Newt’s biggest problem with Conservatives– Newt offers a new perspective on the use of government, not its roll-back. 

That’s a great point.  Newt’s always been a Republican who has found a use for government, which bothers many Conservatives.  He’s by no means a RINO, he’s just not Ronald Reagan’s ideological twin.  With a crowded field and baggage to claim, Newt’s best place is probably in the trenches promoting his idea-oriented outside-the-box agenda for success. 

Pic from BU’s The Daily Free Press. Second pic from Jupiter Images.

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No Cliffhanger for Farfour

Posted by Mike on July 1, 2007

Hamasvision recently aired the series finale of their popular children’s terrorist cartoon, Farfour the Terror Mouse. In the finale, the little rodent was whacked in plain view by what Hamas described as a Israeli terrorist, sparing the already torn Palestinian “community” from a cliffhanger and the vigorous debates that inevitably come with it. Instead, the child hosting the program was able to deliver a eulogy in which she praised Farfour’s martyrdom.

Do you still think the U.S. should stop playing favorites Jimmy?

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