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Jimmah, the Broken Clock

Posted by Ryan on July 3, 2007

Wow!  I just learned something new today!  I suppose the law of averages goes to show that even on accident something good can come out of something so bad.  In November of 1978, Jimmah legalized the brewing of beer at home.  While most homebrew is swill, it is kind of a freedom thing.  So I guess that broken clock was right at least once– Camp David’s legacy is still being played out so we’re not ready to give him that one yet!

Note: while Billy Beer was not a homebrew, we here at AOR like to take any chance to swipe at our 39th President and his drunken brother. By the way, the Falls Brewing Company did go out of business the year after it was released! Hiccup.

Pic from this Northern European website


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