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Commuting Scooter Libby

Posted by Ryan on July 4, 2007

I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby got a well-deserved commutation of his ridiculous sentence Monday.  The jury in the case found him guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice, but the judge sentenced him to an excessive 30 months in the slammer!  He did wrong, but not remembering which reporter you talked to first many years ago versus remembering who was pleasuring you under the desk in the Oval Office are two VERY different things in my opinion.  Thus, though both are wrong, the punishment should be different. 

On top of all that, Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation into who leaked Plame’s name to the public discovered the guilty party years ago– Richard Armitage should fry… if releasing Plame’s name was a crime, which it is not. That’s been made abundantly clear by Armitage’s continued freedom and lack of any real charges brought by the Independent Counsel.  The whole investigation was a political witch-hunt if there ever was one.  It seemed like the Left’s attempt to criminalize the Iraq War and take Cheney down in the process.  That was very transparent after the first few hearings.

The Left’s reaction to the whole thing yesterday was predictable and intellectually dishonest–Jesse Jackson Jr. even called for Bush’s impeachment! (Get in line Jesse!)  Where was he in 2000 when BJ Clinton used his executive power of pardon on cronies, terrorists and others convicted of real pre-meditated crimes?  Right.  Two sets of rules: one for the Lib elite and one for the rest of us.

Pic from the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Happy Fourth of July!!!

Posted by Ryan on July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July from all of us here at Axis of Right!  America turns 231 today.  We celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia as our national birth date, but more importantly, the ideas behind the document and what that has meant for America since.  The Colonies had been in open armed revolt since April 1775 at Lexington and Concord, but then the Second Continental Congress called for the creation of an army headed by George Washington.  This was simply a rebellion until July 1776.  Then it became a revolution.  Then our Founding Fathers were not just rabble-rousers, they were treasonous criminals who were likely to hang from the nearest tree if the British got a hold of them.  But they were right to oppose tyranny and set a precendent for over 200 years of similar revolutions around the world and a philosophy that self-rule responsive to the needs of the people is thus far the best political system under which to live.

In recent politics, Ronald Reagan uttered this famous phrase I always think of this time of year:

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.”

That one speaks for itself.

Pic from Jupiter Images.

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